Bunny Man Hunt #12 Winner

30 07 2007

Let us congratulate this week’s winner of the Bunny Man Hunt as she walks the stage!

The hot yet elusive Bunny Man was found in an old, old entry entitled, “The Day Before My Birthday: 5 Years Ago,” a look back on a chapter called “love life” (and why I’m not that giddy on my birthday).

The reader who first found the hot guy in a bunny suit was no other than our exiled aristocrat, Jon Halcyon von Rothschild.  He writes a personal blog where he shows his love for fashion, TV, movies, do-it-yourself, basically anything fabulous.  It’s worth the read, so check it out now by clicking on the icon at the sidebar!

The Empress also congratulates our this week’s first runner-up, the Himalayan Goddess, who claims that Kelly Rowland’s–and now Beyonce Knowles’–stage falls were all part of karma.  Remember that if for any reason our Bunny Man Hunt winner cannot fulfill her duties, the first runner-up will take her place.

Next in line is this week’s second runner-up Q the Conqueror, who recently posts his review about the movies that depicts his alma mater Pisay (or Philippine Science High School).

We would also like to congratulate our “thank you girls” for being such a good sport…

Travel Philippines

Keitaro Hanazawa of Adobong Comatose

And Blue Harajuku (aning address ng blog mo, Mare?).

The next Bunny Man Hunt will be posted between midnight and 2 a.m. this Saturday, August 4.

Keep on supporting the Bunny Man Hunt!




9 responses

30 07 2007

I love it! SJ for LV! I finally won one! I’d like to thank my sponsors who made me gayer than I’ve ever been before…Where’s my Mikimoto Crown?!?! 😛

30 07 2007

Ito hirap sa meetings, hindi nakakaabot sa kontes. Hmph.

Congrats sa winnahz!

30 07 2007

awww im a thank you girl…

30 07 2007

awww para lang akong si miss philippines recently parating sablay hehehe..

30 07 2007

at di ko talaga nahanap…

30 07 2007

by the way your majesty, my blog is not yet ready for public. ill let you know kung pwede na ehehehehe

31 07 2007
Raymond Lee Quijano

bakit blue? siguro may lamang corporate materials which is not subject for public disposal

31 07 2007

@ JRothschild – Agawin mo kay Riyo Mori ang Mikimoto. CHING!

@ Kiks – Don’t worry, makakahabol ka rin balang araw.

@ Travel Philippines – Don’t worry, sexy ka pa rin.

@ Blue Harajuku – Ano naman ang hindi namin dapat masayla sa blog mo? Kung lalake ‘yan, okey lang!

@ Aries – Don’t worry, hindi lang ikaw ang nahirapan sa hunt ngayon.

1 08 2007

@ Empress and Raymond – hehehe di naman. di pa lang pimped. bago eh.

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