Behind the Thriller in Cebu

30 07 2007

By now, you have probably watched (again and again) the country’s latest YouTube phenomenon after Alyssa Alano’s mispronunciation of the song “Kiss Me.”

Over a million views just a week after its upload, the video featuring Cebuano prisoners dancing to “Thriller” has become a worldwide hit. It has not only been featured in the local news, but also in BBC, CNN, and other international news agencies.

But what is it anyway? Is it a form of punishment? A way to divert from gang wars? Or simply a prison version of a recess?

Al Jazeera English reports after the jump.

If you want a more detailed report, here’s a news feature covered by Jessica Soho for GMA.

And if you want to see what’s claimed to be “the other side of the story,” watch here…




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30 07 2007

i really like the video! i dont care about the other side of the story. Its not new for me, every jail in this country is having the same problems: poor facilities, ventilation, lighting and all that. He who made it [the last vid] should address it to the government, and not spoil the cheers Filipinos are gaining now because of them. He is just ruining the party. Bakit kaya karamihan sa mga pinoy mahilig manira, mag pinpoint ng kamalian?

30 07 2007
30 07 2007

The one who made that crap is truly STUPID! That is a prison cell, criminals are in there. What does he expect, a CONDO UNIT with a swimming pool??? Haller!!!

30 07 2007
Raymond Lee Quijano

… prison will always be a prison.

i am not impressed of our government after they “exposed” this kind of video.


… period.

30 07 2007


30 07 2007

Masaya ako para sa mga prisoners. That’s another shot at life.

Now, if they find out they’ve been had, they can always do something about it. Sana me political prisoner dyan para i-organize ang mga orange people para wa nang tsuktsakan.

While I applauded this initiative, sana nga lang me patutunguhan ito at di lang publicity stunt OR mapunta sa iilan whatever funds they get out of it.

Yun lang!

31 07 2007
Lyka Bergen

Is this true about Mr. Garcia? Hmmmm…. Napa-isip tuloy ketch!

31 07 2007

@ Blue Harajuku – Parang nakakapangbaba tuloy ng feeling with all the counter chuchu, noh?

@ Red and Raymond – May punto ‘yung video tungkol sa facilities. Wala lang talaga sa lugar ang reklamo (at sana hindi nagkukuha ng mga pictures sa Internet noh?).

@ Quincy – Kurak! Huwag tayong padalus-dalos.

@ Kiks – Sana lang huwag ituloy ang balak nilang gawing tourist attraction ito.

@ Lyka – For a while, napaisip rin ketch, pero hangga’t walang nagrereklamo mananatili lang itech na paninira.

31 07 2007
Raymond Lee Quijano

@kamahalang maru – mainit, hindi kaaya-ayang lugar ang kulungan. siguro kung makakatagal ako ng isang araw dun… o kahit kalahati, masasabi kong swerte na ako. hay…

1 08 2007
Rouge Carey

Wow, parang ako yung nag-translate nung video from Tagalog to English, dugo-dugo ilong ko dun…

1 08 2007
Sirena Down Under

Sa totoo lang, halo-halo ang feelings ko while watching the video. Kinikilabutan at naiiyak ako seeing them do “Thriller”.

Kasi para talaga silang mga zombie na napasayaw at napaarte en mass. Hitsura nung mga mass calesthenics demonstration natin sa elementary even high school!

Only goes to show how submissive we can be as a culture or how deeply embedded slave mentality is sa Pinoy psyche. And I’m wondering what “disciplinary methods” were used to have those who didn’t want to participate in the beginning give in and join the performance in the end.

Di ko ma-imagine ang mga prisoners sa America doing such a show!

Anyway, Emperatriz M, I’ll link you up, ha? G’dday!

1 08 2007

matanong nga ang mga taga-cebu kung totoo nga

1 08 2007

I’ve seen all the videos and I hope that the last one is just a haux and will be investigated as necessary.

5 08 2007
reyna elena

wow, i am soooo bothered by the last video…

16 08 2007

Let’s get real here. Most of these prisoners have never been convicted or even stood trial after years in jail! And they are forced to do this, which clearly takes hours and hours of practice. Is it true that those who refuse “go missing”? Seems like there’s more here than meets the eye.

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