01-18-08: What the?

30 07 2007

Call it another round of promoting a movie by Internet hyping, but whoah…that movie looks like it’s got punch!

Watch the trailer after the jump.

The untitled movie, codenamed Cloverfield, which would be released on January 18, 2008, has a lot of Americans guessing, analyzing, and conspiring as to what the flick is all about, not to mention…what is the title?

It first appeared as a trailer in front of “Transformers,” and it said that the movie is produced by J.J. Abrams of “Star Trek” and “Mission Impossible” fame, while Matt Reeves of “Felicity” directed the film.

Aside from the official trailer, enthusiasts are also encourage to solve the mystery behind the movie by checking out Ethan Haas Was Right and Ethan Haas Was Wrong. Clicking the former would lead you to something really cryptic. There are five games that you have to complete in order to get a keyword that you would need for an event that will happen on August 1.

Now if you excuse me, I’m out to solve the second game…wait somebody just e-mailed me…

Gyah! What the?




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30 07 2007
30 07 2007

Actually, it’s tentatively entitled “Cloverfield,” and it’s a monster flick of some sort. I bet it’s gonna kick royal ass, since Drew Goddard (“Alias,” “Lost”) is writing it. Huzzah!

30 07 2007
Oxana Olafski-Dela Pena

Empress, vaket late ata ang post mo about jj abrams’ top secret monster flick code-named ‘cloverfield’ chuva. Fanis na to e. Jokela lang!

Anyhoe, before aketch umuwi sa aming nayon, watch aketch with my blackita friends ng transformers (just to check shia and josh d. haha). Ang ingay namin dayy until napanganga na lang kame sa trailer na tosh! I didn’t think that the trailer was that amazing but it’s definitely a vonggacious marketing campaign! And take notas of the alfonso cuaronic slash blair witchish shaking camera thingy. Vongga!

30 07 2007
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30 07 2007
links for 2007-07-30 « PinoyBlogoSphere.com | PhilippineBlogoSphere.com

[…] 01-18-08: What the? « They Call Me Maruja: A Colorful Life at Random […]

31 07 2007
courtney amor

nice movie.

31 07 2007

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31 07 2007

izit, courtney?

publicity stunts are nice. but trulala, the transformers got my heart pumping and my dear old 60-year old friend clapping inside the HK cinema during the cog fights.

nakita ko si liberty at naalala ko ang the day after tomorrow at ang isang lata ng kondensadang nasa computer table ko ngayon.

31 07 2007
Lyka Bergen

Late-ticia Casta ba sya Oxana?

Yeah….. feel ko rin panoorin tosh. Syempre fave ko ang “Lost” noh!

Balita ko…. inspiration raw ng JJ Abrams ang ating Kapre… Oo mga ‘day! Kapre ang pumutol sa ulo ni Lady Liberty!


31 07 2007
Raymond Lee Quijano

sounds cool!

31 07 2007

Crazy, curious people are debating bigtime as to what the creature is in the trailer at youtube. I liked this exchange best:


so when you add the date numbers together
(1+1+8+08=18) so the you add the numbers of degrees on the screen(63) you get 81 which backwards is 18, see the resemblence?

when one man says “you owe me 11 dollars” so if you see the degrees on the tv screen wich is 63 degrees and add it you get 79,

then reffering back to paraghraph 1, 81 backwards is 18+11$ eguals 29 now when you add 29+79 you get 108

strange huh?

To which another dude replies:
get a life!!


31 07 2007

@ Talamasca – Wish ko lang hindi itech Godzilla.

@ Oxana – Mare, hindi yata pinalabas ang trailer nitech sa Pinas kaya bagu-bago pa rin.

@ Courtney – Trailer pa lang ‘yun, Mare.

@ Edward – Salamat naman. Napa-blush tuloy ketch.

@ Kiks – Ika nga ni Suzanne ng Temptation Island, “Wala akong Transformer Complex, so I don’t know what you’re talking about.” CHING! (Wiz ko pa siya na-watch, kaya OP mae)

@ Lyka – Sana nilubos na niya noh, dapat may manananggal, tikbalang, mangkukulam galore!

@ Raymond – Tastes even better. CHOS!

@ drmkng – Hay naku, pinag-uusapan na nga siya sa Internet, pati yung mga teorya tungkol sa mga picture sa official site binubusisi.

31 07 2007
Raymond Lee Quijano

@kamahalang maru – amen!

1 08 2007

nice trailer! hehe

2 08 2007

Kelan ipapalabas ito? interested ako!

I’m back!

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