French Version of Survivor in Palawan

25 07 2007

Why be excited about Survivor: China…

If we could get more excited about this!

The seventh season of Koh Lanta, the French version of Survivor, had its contestants stranded on the remotest islands of Palawan. It began broadcasting last month.

And apparently, the Philippines is among the most frequent Survivor locations, aside from Malaysia, Dominican Republic, and Panama. Palawan became the site for the Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, and the Dutch/Belgian versions. Meanwhile, the third season of the Japanese version was done in Siquijor.

Watch the introduction after the jump.

Click on the Koh Lanta link to watch more episode clips.




11 responses

25 07 2007
25 07 2007

gregoire is hot! hehehe
i didnt know na madaming survivor international na ang pumunta sa palawan, the only one i know about is the japanese version in siquijor.
sana naman ang american version naman, pwede din sa palawan or much better kung sa sulu lol kidding

25 07 2007

A “Survivor: Basilan” would be exciting! Hahaha!
Action packed yun! πŸ˜›

25 07 2007

wow! I love the parrot.
We are going to Palawan this November…

25 07 2007

this goes to show that our country is indeed very beautiful. the cinematography(?) is breathtaking. And we continue to look beyond our shores, and worse destroy our natural wonders- svelte, the environmentalist. πŸ™‚

25 07 2007

Here are the top ten gays animals in random order

26 07 2007

@ Blue Harajuku – Naku, wish ko lang din na ganapin ditets sa Pinas ang Survivor US. Kung wala lang Abu Sayyaf eh. Hayz…

@ Chuckster – Kalowkang aksyon naman ‘yan ever. Battling with the other castaways, as well as with terrorists. Ching!

@ Kiss Fendi – Ay! Bungga as in bunggaloo naman! Advanced happy trip, Mare!

@ Svelte – Kamusta naman si Miss Earth? Hahahaha!

@ edward – Anuraw?

26 07 2007

Gregoire all the way πŸ˜€

26 07 2007
Lyka Bergen

Sheeeet! Ang gwapo no Gregory!

At infernalou, maganda ang Palawan!

15 09 2007

gregoire voted out in episode 10 he wins two immunities

7 10 2012

they should try surigao islands too.. pretty nice πŸ™‚

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