Filipinos Auditioning for The Amazing Race Asia 2

24 07 2007

By now, the taping for The Amazing Race Asia 2 has ended and we would probably watch it in around October this year. According to some spoilers, a Filipino team was among the mix. Questions now is: Would they do better than being eliminated first and second the last time?

And to answer another very curious question: Yes, Manila was one of the legs. Hush-hush.

While we wait for October to know the answer for that, let’s watch some pretty amusing videos created by Filipinos who auditioned for The Amazing Race Asia. I’m not gonna say whether these teams made it in the final cut or not.

Meet the DJ duo of SamYG and Winner of HitsFM 99.5.

Here’s TV host and sports buff Reema Chanco, together with her Canadian boyfriend.

And here’s my personal favorite audition vid, created by Jake and Shahani. Jake is a make-up artist, while Shahani is a stylist. Go Pa-Girl Power!




14 responses

24 07 2007


Gravehhh….. the Amazing Gays of the Philippines…. sana majoin zilaaaaaaa!!!

24 07 2007

I luvvvv naman si Tyra Bangs… zino shaaaa???

24 07 2007

may papalicious hunk daw na pinoy celebrity pasok sa mga teams…. hmmmm… hehehe i cant wait for it!hehe

24 07 2007

Si Wendy ba ng PBB sumali uli dito? Wala lang masabi, ehehehe!

24 07 2007
24 07 2007

@ Jase – Hay naker, wish ko lang talaga makasama sila, kaya lang since ang produ ay sa Singapore bawal ang bekla ever. Chaka devah? Oo nga pala, ang alam ko ang gumanap na Tyra Bangs ay isang male model. Mhintola talaga!

@ Blue Harajuku – Knowsung ko kung sino. In the tradition of Startalk, tawagin na lang natin siya sa pangalang “Narciso Melanoma.”

@ Kei – ‘Di ba gagawa siya ng Burlesk Queen chuchu?

25 07 2007

hahaha! Sana ma kuha sila..yugn two gays..;)
good luck;)

25 07 2007

kinaya talaga nung cord ng blower…champion!

25 07 2007

im definitely rooting for jake and shahani oh my gawd oh my gwad i die. so fabulous.

25 07 2007

reema and eric blah blah. ur soooo boring guys…but eric is cute anyway

26 07 2007
Lyka Bergen

Juice! Zana pazok zina Jake and Shani. Kaka-aliw zila! Mga brujaaaa!

29 07 2007

cool! go reema and eric! 🙂

22 02 2008

Actually, yung gumanap ng Tyra Bangs sa audition eh friend din nila na stylist…not so mhin, if you ask me! but theyre nice and fab! i was introduced to them at a club where theyre frequent at.

10 03 2008
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