Bunny Man Hunt #11 Winner

23 07 2007

The latest winner of the Bunny Man Hunt walks down the stage for her victory walk!

The Bunny Man was last spotted over at “Bikoy! Palpitate Palpitate!“, a tribute to Svelte‘s ultimate blog crush, Bikoy (well, at least before Simon Atkins came along). He was found by Powerbottom.Ph of Take It Nice and Sleazy. His blog is REALLY kinky, REALLY hot, REALLY NSFW, and REALLY interesting. (Go check out his latest post! Quick!)

This is Powerbottom’s first win after several failed attempts, commenting on posts where the Bunny Man wasn’t even there. He has become among the few and elite who have first laid eyes on the hot guy in a bunny costume.

The Empress also congratulates the first runner-up, Keitaro Hanazawa of Adobong Comatose.

And the second runner-up Aries the Warrior Princess, who seems to have walked out. Kurara Chibana, is that you?

Lastly but not the least, we would also like to applaud our “thank you girls” Fruityoaty and Blue Harajuku (where’s your blog, Mare?) for a job well done.




4 responses

24 07 2007

nyahahaha finally!!
it took me a while to ge the hang of it but perseverance pays off. had fun doing this…and to some degree, nakaka-adik hehehe

24 07 2007

hahaha adik mode na nga to

24 07 2007

Salamat, salamat!

25 07 2007

ahahahhaah thank you girl ako huhuhu =)

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