Philippines Next Top Model: The Final Revolution…Finally

18 07 2007

After all that was said and done, the drama, the making nice, the budget constraints, the awkward use of English, and the constant beeps from Ruffa Text, Philippines’ Next Top Model comes to a close.

Only two girls remain in the competition: Rina, a Junior Management Trainee from Parañaque; and Grendel, a student from Bacolod.

As part of their final challenge, the girls underwent a TV advertisement and photo shoot for L’Oreal. Here’s Rina’s best shot…

It’s dramatic. It’s lovely.

How about Grendel’s print ad? Here’s her best shot…

You can see both her eyes. That’s double the fun!

So who won? Who received the fabulous modeling representation from Starz Modeling Agency in Hong Kong, a modeling contract from Saga events, half a million pesos courtesy of Mane and Tail Shampoo, an eight-page fashion spread at Preview Magazine, endorsement contracts, body sculpting sessions, etc. etc. etc?

Before we check out the winner, let’s take a look back after the jump.

Just like in ANTM, let’s compare our two finalists shots throughout the competition, taking a look at their respective journeys in PNTM through photos.

Let’s start with the very innovative Avenida shoot complete with uzizeros.

Rina showed much potential at the start of the cycle. She looked pretty much a winner in this picture, just don’t look at the thighs.

Meanwhile, Grendel’s best shot is not actually the best in the bunch. She looked bored here. And because she was leaning on the post, her tummy looked bloated.

The week after, the girls participated in one of PNTM’s many bland, I’ve-seen-it-before, “high fashion” photo shoots.

Rina’s face in this picture looked like a famine victim, complete with a sad mouth (not pouting, mind you), and even sagging breasts.

Meanwhile, Grendel seemed to have learned her lesson right away. This shot showed how much she has improved from her very dismal first photo shoot.

This improvement on Grendel seemed to have continued until the very end…

While Rina is slowly losing steam.

In the end, the judgment is pretty much easy and one-sided…

(from Starmometer)

Congratulations to Grendel Alvarado, Philippines’ Next Top Model.

So there goes our months of blogging, whining, criticizing and enjoying the first (and possibly the only) cycle of Philippines’ Next Top Model.

Now, we have to wait for a few months for the next big thing on TV…

Brazil’s Next Top Model!




10 responses

18 07 2007

I wasn’t an avid viewer but I prayed it would fare well. Congratulations to Grendel…

18 07 2007
18 07 2007

Grendel is modellocah!!!

18 07 2007

I don’t think it’s really the models fault in much of the photoshoots. Some of the concepts they used were just plain awful. I mean wearing a bikini in Avenida?!?! It just looks cheap. I say kick Ruffa off the show! ‘Cuz she has the taste of a mobster’s wife.

18 07 2007

yes it wuz all set and dun! congrats to rina.. abt top model brazil i think it would be a better franchise knowing that brazilians are really good in modelling. giselle is one of ’em and rafael.

i heard joey mead will be replacing rufa on the hosting notch, for the second cycle. wish mas maganda yung prod nila… 😉

18 07 2007

@ Reyville – At least it ended well, although Elf should have been there instead of Rina.

@ Jase – Isa siyang karakter, Mare.

@ JRothschild – I got frustrated about the photoshoots, too.

@ Dazedblu – That is, KUNG matutuloy ang Cycle 2.

20 07 2007
Lyka Bergen

I like Rina’s look sa announcement night ha! Mukhang high fashion pero Grendel pa rin of course… malaki kasi si Rina.

20 07 2007

Brazil? Woohoo! That would be really interesting! I’m sure my husband would love to watch that with me.

27 08 2007

nice grendel bacolod love you

18 11 2007

i just like to ask if cycle 2 have already starded
yes or no?

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