I-Tag-Tag Mo, I-Tag-Tag Mo

17 07 2007

This was supposed to be part of “Maruja Sunday Specials #3,” but because of time constraints I didn’t complete the entry on time. I’m so hating Netopia (not to mention its faulty mouse and the primitive version of Internet Explorer that they are using).

Anyway, I got tagged by Rye about a list of things that I need to answer in threes. It would probably take a while to complete this so I’ll be putting some intermissions in between.

So here goes…

Three things that scare me…
1. Dogs attacking me
2. Dying too young
3. Growing old alone

Three people who make me laugh
1. Conan O’ Brien
2. Mandaya Moore-Orlis
3. Me! I can be shallow at times.

Three things I love
1. Instant pancit canton
2. Vodka ice
3. Blogging

Three things I hate
1. People who walk really slow
2. Those jologs on the 12th floor of our office building
3. The pa-mhin who are disgusted of girly gays

Three things I don’t understand
1. Why can’t I be wafer-thin like back in grade 2?
2. Why do hosts in ABS-CBN have to shout all the time?
3. Why can’t I find a really good boyfriend?

That took quite a while…Here’s some intermission. Get your paracetamol ready.

Three things on my desk
1. My steno notebook
2. My eye-glasses that I am not wearing at the moment
3. My office computer with super duper speedy Internet

Three things I am doing right now
1. Blogging
2. Pretending to work (it’s Monday, you know)
3. Listening to my custom Yahoo music station

Three things I want to do before I die
1. Win a Palanca Award
2. Have a really committed partner
3. Buy a vast estate

Three things I can do
1. Look at the positive of everything and everyone
2. type really fast, with my eyes closed (i’m doing it right now)
3. Dance the Para Para

Three things I can’t do
1. Sing
2. Play Audition with songs at 172 bpm
3. To some extent, forgive

Here’s a song intermission…Don’t blink.

Three things I think you should listen to
1. XFM 92.3
2. Your voice within
3. Your parents

Three things you should never listen to
1. Anything that would ruin your day
2. Personal attacks
3. People telling you what to do for their own benefit

Three things I would like to learn
1. DJ mixing
2. Portuguese
3. Writing a movie script

Three favorite foods
1. Pad Thai
2. Sinigang na baboy
3. Siomai

Three shows I watched as a kid
1. Flying House
2. Batibot (Which made me learn how to speak Tagalog, while Sesame Street made me learn how to speak Spanish).
3. Shaider

Three people I am tagging
1. Kei
2. Gwapito
3. Svelte




7 responses

17 07 2007

sabay tayo papayat!

17 07 2007

Thanks Empress Maruja!

I will blog about those who tagged me on their blogs in the near future. Just too many stories to tell, too lazy to blog about it!

17 07 2007

Empress, salamat sa pagta-tag though hindi ko lubusang naiintindihan kung paano yun. Anyway, I’ll answer this questions on my blog either later or bukas.

BTW, ako rin, I can’t understand why ABS_CBN hosts need to shout… eh nasa tapat lang naman nila yung cameramen nila.

17 07 2007

@ goddess – Mare, baysung kaya tayo ng Ballerina Pillas? Patok daw yun sa takilya.

@ Jeffrey – Thanks, I’ll wait for it.

@ Kei – Kahit nga ako nagulat when I first got tagged years ago.

17 07 2007

naku tigilan nyo yang pills pills na yan. gagawan ko kayo ng diet at exercise program kung gusto nyo.

nakakairita ung dancers na wala sa timing! tse!

18 07 2007

Naku, imjenz ang mga nagfafafanggap na mga bakla (sa youtube) at mga umaastang di bakla (sa tag answer mo).

Speaking of pad thai, have you gone to the Thong Lo station of the BTS in Thailand? Naku, madear, that’s where you’ll find one of the best-tasting, mouth-watering pad thai ever!


20 07 2007

“Why do hosts in ABS-CBN have to shout all the time?”

Oo nga. Ang iingay nila. Hindi ba nabibingi ang mga tao sa studio? I wonder.

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