Music Break: Rise of the New Bossa Nova Star

12 07 2007

The Bossa Nova genre has become all the rage among the astute (and rich) Filipino music lovers, and one woman is determined to bring the beautiful music to the masses.

Who is she?  Find out after the jump.

It’s Rufa Mae Quinto singing a bossa nova rendition of Lani Misalucha’s “Tila.”  Come on…Todo na ‘to…




9 responses

13 07 2007

EEEEEEKKK! She shouldn’t have taken voice lessons from her ex gay boyfriend. This is just awful. Is this suppose to be funny?

13 07 2007

I like her. She’s just funny as hell. Full-blown comical genius, methinks.

13 07 2007
Lyka Bergen

Maganda sana kung 4 years ago ito na release…. wala na ang bossa nova sa vocabulary ko… ching!

Enjoy pa rin ako in some ways sa panonood sa suso ni Rufa. Good Luck sa Boobaa Nova career nya!

13 07 2007

i like her boobs.

and yet, with this, she again prooves she is more than just a sexy star.

13 07 2007

Ang saya-saya naman ng song na ito! Pero, wala pa ring tatalo sa Ocean Deep moves niya. Panepok yun!

Love ko tong si Peachy kasi isa siyang komedyante na orihinal ang talento sa pagpapatawa!

13 07 2007

@ JRothschild – I think even if this is meant to be a serious track, it won’t sound like it. Haha…

@ Talamasca – Yup, she’s hilarious indeed.

@ Lyka Bergen – Ngayon lang kasi nauso ang bossa nova ditech, pero pangmayaman lang siya. Wiz pa siya kasing jologs ng Cueshe. Chos!

@ netherchild – Yup, she’s a versa.

@ Kei – Wala pa yata siyang video for that eh.

13 07 2007

i just tagged you, mare!

14 07 2007

I like her breast too, but then when she reaches 60 i dont know if i would like it. I’m pretty my future wife has prettier boobs! Hahah

14 07 2007

**I’m pretty sure…

That’s what happen when i talk about women’s boobs! Oh women…

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