Maruja, Svelte, and the New Rivalry

11 07 2007

Svelte and I have been brewing a rivalry between us for the past days. We just do not agree on one thing and it is starting to affect our friendship in a way.

It started last Monday, we went out on our office break. After indulging on some rather expensive (but uber yummy) pasta and one-of-a-kind mint chocolate chip ice cream, we passed by a convenience store near our office building.

And then I saw it, a feast to our hungry eyes.

It’s the new UAAP issue of Chalk Magazine. College basketball has begun and everyone goes bonkers in this side of the Third World, especially that De La Salle Green Archers are back after last season’s suspension.

Deadma if the magazine’s layout became a poor man’s Harper’s Bazaar. Deadma if the magazine included that “other” collegiate league. Deadma if we kinda not looking forward for Santo Tomas Growling Tiger’s defense of our basketball championship. What really caught our attention was the “main” cover, featuring the age-old rivalry of Ateneo de Manila Blue Eagles and La Salle on a different plane. That is, their latest hottie players.

Come on, if you see this cover wouldn’t you buy it as well?

Hingang malalim (breathe deeply),” I teased Svelte before opening the mag.

You need to breathe deeply, too, before jumping. *Inhale, Exhale* Okay…

The mag’s main feature is about two of UAAP’s hottest damn-good new players from Ateneo and La Salle. It was here when my disagreement with Svelte started, as we prefer one cutie over another.

I unfurled my imaginary long hair and waved my jazzy hands.

“Simon Atkins, I choose you!”

Technically he’s a sophomore, but this season is Simon Atkin’s first year to play in the college league after La Salle’s suspension last season. He is a true-blue La Sallian (oh sorry, it’s “true-green”…what was I thinking?), having played in the junior basketball league as point guard for De La Salle Zobel, became high school MVP, and remained loyal to the alma mater upon college.

He is currently single, but he’s not looking for a relationship anytime soon as he is determined to win the title.

I easily fall to the floor for the “bad boys.” I would have this urge to tame a man’s heart and put him into place. So it’s not surprising that Simon catches my fancy. I swear to the gay gods that I got the kilig-to-the-high-school-bones feeling.

Not to be outdone, Svelte licked her fingers and gave her nipples a quick rub.

“Kirk Long, I choose you!”

Kirk Long was scouted by Ateneo from his stints back in Faith Academy (an international school located in Antipolo). People who have seen him play claimed that he is a “one-man wrecking machine,” being a natural long-range shooter and he is also a high school MVP. Although he has American lineage, Kirk grew up in the Philippines. At 6′ 3″, he is being converted into a tall point guard that The Ateneo badly needs.

He is also single, and is excited to play in the collegiate games for the first time.

Svelte goes for the clean-cut guys, but what really got her heart palpitate is this mysterious air that Kirk emanates. Not to mention those deep, piercing eyes, and they’re blue for crying out loud!

Now Svelte and I disagree over which one is cuter and hotter. Yup, that’s our petty college rivalry.

Come on, you’d end up in an argument if you were in our shoes!

So whom will you side with? Ateneo Blue Eagles or La Salle Green Archers? The clean, and mysterious Kirk or the rough and rugged Simon?




33 responses

11 07 2007
Lyka Bergen

Kirk po ako! Kahit di ko type ang photographia chu chu ng Mag na toh! Ewan…..

Regards ke Svelte!

11 07 2007

I have La Sallian and Atenean blood running in my veins, so I think I’m entitled to choose both! Hehe. I can’t wait to these two sweating it out in the court, banging and backing up each other, fighting for possession of that red ball. Sigh. Ang yummy nila!

11 07 2007

(singing viva hot babes’ basketball)

kay kirk ako.

kay simon ako.

kay kirk.

kay simon.

sa kanilang dalawa na nga lang. bakit ba kailangan pang mamili e pwede namang sabay.

11 07 2007

Gad. I don’t think I saw Kirk Long yet sa school. I hope he lives up to his name…

Unfortunately mas type ko si Simon. He makes me wanna go on the Atkins diet. Hehehe. πŸ˜›

11 07 2007

I like Kirk Long period.

11 07 2007

simon ako teh. lami gyud sha! πŸ™‚

11 07 2007

Yummy boys! πŸ˜‰

11 07 2007

love your own – go la salle, go simon atkins! woohoo! πŸ˜‰

11 07 2007
Maruja, Svelte, and the New Rivalry - | Pinoy Bloggers Society (PBS)

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12 07 2007
migs the manila gay guy

kahit taga-UP ako, i lurve simon!

12 07 2007

@ Lyka – Mare, cloudy skies nang kinuha-mae ever from the mag, kaya some kinda malabo.

@ Misterhubs – Backing up? Hindi barebacking huh!

@ Mandayamoore – Sabay tayo, Mare! “I-shoot niyo i-shoot niyo i-shoot niyo na ang ball/ I-shoot niyo na ang ball/ ang sarap magbasketball…” CHING!

@ Q – Ay pareho tayo ng choice! Apir!

@ Chase – Ay magkampi kayo ni Svelte, che! CHARING!

@ Johnnypanic – Mare, kung nasayla mo lang ang Friendster niya, matutunaw ka ever.

@ Kissfendi – Of course! I wouldn’t feature them if they are not hot!

@ Ribbiticus – Ay naman! Love your own talaga! (at halatang wala akong konsepto niyan)

@ Migs – Ako, hindi lang lurve…luuuuuuurrrrrpchina…

12 07 2007

Simon Atkins.

Ka-ano ano ba nya ang si Jennifer Atkins ??? Ching!

Oo kahit me blue eagle background aketch, I would choose the La Sallite over Blue Eagles, in this instance.

He has that triple x basketball factor that I would die for!!!

12 07 2007

Thanks for stopping by – I think you’re adorable!

12 07 2007
Maruja, Svelte, and the New Rivalry | Derelict Mag

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12 07 2007

Kay Simon Atkins na lang kasi kahawig niya si Dennis Trillo sa biglang tingin (mga 1 second, ganun).

Since bad boys naman ang type mo, Empress Maruja, pwedeng-pwede sa iyo si Simon dahil mukha siyang nambabalibag ng tao. LOL!

12 07 2007

simon atkins.

super masculine na masculine ang dating. at hindi halata masyado ang pagkakaroon ng foreign blood sa mukha, parang kapitbahay lang namin hehe. brunette version.

13 07 2007


water water mode akech dito!

13 07 2007

ty tang pa ren. shet.

13 07 2007

@ Jase – Malamang long-lost relative. Ching!

@ Marti – Thanks for dropping by!

@ Kei – Naku, ayoko namang maging battered wife ang drama, maliban na lang kung may kamang involved. CHAROS!

@ netherchild – Naman! Lalakeng-lalake ever!

@ goddess – Mare, kaya nga super laki ng gma pictures para TSUNAMI EFFECT ang drama!

@ pat – At least hindi si Ninja…

14 07 2007

pwede both?

14 07 2007
Raymond Lee Quijano

ala akong hilig sa uaap. badminton ba yun? πŸ™‚

18 07 2007
Random Hot Men: Simon Atkins, a Sight for Sore Eyes « They Call Me Maruja: A Colorful Life at Random

[…] 18th, 2007 · No Comments The people have spoken. Maruja’s readers prefer Simon Atkins over Kirk Long. So that means we want to see more of him, […]

18 07 2007
Random Hot Men: Simon Atkins, a Sight for Sore Eyes - | Pinoy Bloggers Society (PBS)

[…] empressmaruja 02:09 pmAdd comment1 Views The people have spoken. Maruja’s readers prefer Simon Atkins over Kirk Long. So that means we want to see more of him, […]

19 07 2007

Sayang, lumalabo na mata ko kaya di ko sila makita ng maayos. Ayy, MALABO pla tlga sya. SIMON ATKINS ako. I love you fafa.

14 08 2007

simon atkins na!!! total hotnesssssss!!! yum!! yum!!

14 08 2007

add nyo cya sa friendster…he’s super in not to mention hot!!! eeeeooowwww!!! baby u light up my fire!! hahahaha!!!

26 09 2007

ma mare pugehh cla pareho noh!
hehe. but i really like kirk long. haiz. i love yeah kirk… β™₯

18 11 2007

animo la salle …. simon atkins

13 05 2008
green archer

its obvious. wahahahahhahahhahahhahahhah. animo la salle parin,

pagdating sa pagiging hot and handsome, we, the lasallian males rule.

hail hail alma mater hail to De La Salle
well hold your banner high and bright
a shield of green and white
well fight to keep your glory bright
and never shall we fail
hail to thee our alma mater hail hail hail
hail to thee our alma mater hail hail hail

10 09 2008

gwapo ni atkins!

i have a copy of this july 2007 issue of chalk.

maganda. malaman.

chalk mag! yuhoo! galing!

5 10 2008
nejh cipriano

hotttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!un lng!!!!!!!!!!ang gwapo nya grabe!!!!!!!

7 10 2008
nejh cipriano

win or lose!!!!!!!!!simon atkins pa rn ako!!!!!!!!love you!!!!!111

30 10 2009

ako kay kirk long!!OMG!!!uber cute and uber sexy!!!

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