Random Hot Men: Jiri Borkovec Versus Johan Karouani, The Showdown

10 07 2007

Several readers in my blog commented that Jiri Borkovec (left) should not have won the recent Musclemania 2007 Junior Tall Division. They claimed that Johan Karouani of France (third from left) deserved it more, even though he was eventually disqualified from his third place finish. (Je seulement me suis renseigné en ce moment sur lui. J’espère que mon traduction en ligne est exacte.)

What a better way to settle the score is to have these two Adonises on a showdown, with the one and only Empress Maruja as judge! Oui? Oui!

I want to emphasize that I am not an expert in this. I may say some incorrect bodybuilding terms, so please correct me just in case. Merci.

Let’s begin!

ROUND 1: Pre-Competition

Both pictures were taken in their respective hotel rooms days before the competition proper.

Let’s start with Johan.

His butterfly spread is mighty fine and his quads are very detailed.

Then, let’s see Jiri’s pose.

His stance emphasized his biggest asset: those killer 8-pack abs. Jiri’s quads are much more defined than Johan’s.

ROUND 2: Shoulder Flex

You know that vintage Hulk Hogan pose? It’s similar to this. Let’s start again with Johan…

I don’t know about you guys, but too much veins scares me. Désolé.

Now let’s look at Jiri’s.

His shoulders are probably not his best part, but it has just the right proportions to the rest of his fit body.

FINAL ROUND: Right Side Profile

Let’s see what Johan has got.

He may have humongous arms, but in bodybuilding competitions it’s not about how big your muscles are. It’s all about muscle quality and symmetry.

How about Jiri?

Just look at his muscle definition. Wow, just wowzer.

I have made a decision, my friends.

The winner goes to…


Hey! Who says this is going to be a fair judgment? (Désolé au sujet du jugement injuste, mais de vous savez que Johan concurrence mon favori.)

(All Musclemania competition photos are copyright of Express Digital Graphics, Inc.)




6 responses

10 07 2007

aww, i dont find these men sexy. 😀 theyre cute though haha.
i prefer those twink-effect guys rather than muscled man.

Jiri looks hot.

10 07 2007

parang di ko ma-take ang mga katawan nila. gusto ko yung mga patpatin. yung wala pang muscles. yung bata…. hehehe

11 07 2007
12 07 2007

@ netherchild – Yup, Jiri’s so cute noh?

@ Mandayamoore – Bakla, may Kulot ka na…

16 06 2008

Whati is the name of guy wirh number 205?

26 06 2008

Number 205 would be Brandon Bass

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