Philippines Next Top Model: Street Glam in Hong Kong

10 07 2007

Finally, after 48 years, Philippines Next Top Model website updated its photo gallery. Although the codes were a little f’d up (you can’t view the gallery containing these pictures), I learned my way around.

It’s good to see that their shoots during the show’s final episode redeemed the season from one dismal theme after another, even if this outdoor shoot screams “guerilla” all over. (Afraid of getting caught perhaps? Maybe I’m wrong.)

The BANGIS AWARD after the jump. (Oooh…I missed this one!)

We’ll start with GRENDEL’S BANGIS AWARD…

Although her neck is virtually invisible in her shots (I don’t blame the lighting, I blame THE HAIR), this has got to be a very playful pose.


Rina doesn’t want to get upstaged, for sure!

Now it’s the time for our BANGAS AWARDS.

Let’s begin with GRENDEL’S BANGAS AWARD…

An unflattering shot if you ask me. The “noseline” became too prominent, her arms became unproportionate, and do I need to mention the underarms?

Finally, here’s RINA’S BANGAS AWARD…

Another one of her “my head aches” shots. This would have been okay if she didn’t put too much tension on this very simple pose (notice the legs) and her dress wasn’t crinkled.

Watch out for the final post about PNTM Cycle One (and Only?) in my future entries.




23 responses

11 07 2007

Feeling ko, they were trying to make it look like Rina’s lost in HK after drinking too much, and is trying to find a guy to hook up with.

11 07 2007

Hay. This reminds me to finally do my long overdue recap of the PNTM finale na sobrang nakakawalang gana gawin. The judges said Rina’s headache shot was her best but looking at it now, I disagree. As you said, the dress is wrinkled. Tapos, there’s something iffy with her foot and mouth.

11 07 2007

I like the ones that are shot on the pedestrian area. The ones on the sidewalks look rather artificial and unnatural

11 07 2007
Raymond Lee Quijano


11 07 2007

i like Grendel’s pose! Very funny!

11 07 2007

i dont watch PNTM and with these pics, im glad i dont.

more than the models, im more concerned with the concept. you went to hongkong for street glam?! WTF?! you could have easily done it in Binondo or Quiapo–honestly, could you tell it apart from Binondo?! a friggin expensive junket devoid of conceptual framework–no wonder the models look like that–what can you expect if their so-called teachers dont even have an iota of a concept?

you go to a different place with a different culture, sana naka-highlight yun along with the shots–sana they worked on suburban hongkong ( a side we rarely see) or the cultural high life of the east or kahit man lang punyetang how the orient exists in a highly westernized setting na gasgas na gasgas na concept.

each shoot and picture should tell a story and each gastos in a shoot should be integral–tapos heto ang ibibigay ng PNTM staff?!?

11 07 2007
Lyka Bergen

Gosh! Rina looks mataba! Bakit napasama yan sa Top 2?

11 07 2007
Philippines Next Top Model: Street Glam in Hong Kong - | Pinoy Bloggers Society (PBS)

[…] The BANGIS AWARD after the jump. (Oooh…I missed this one!) […]

12 07 2007

@ Rina – Naku, sobrang inconsistent si Rina. Yun lang.

@ Chase – The like the pedestrian concept, but not exactly the execution.

@ Raymond – Cheers!

@ Jase – Which particular post do you find funny?

@ Powerbottom – It also goes to say that a beach pictorial should be held in Phuket if they can shoot it in South Beach. Ching!

@ Lyka – Sinuwerte lang si Rina IMO. Paano nag-quit si Elf.

12 07 2007

haha i love the bangas award….goooooo

13 07 2007

This is very fascinating! How come sa labas lang ng building namin to kinuhanan at di ko man lang nakita?

I could have drooled at the sight of them production assistants – hahaha. Puro babae ba ang PAs?

The Bangas awards looks very fancy pero di ko gusto ang mga modelo. Parang a hard try. Although Grendel got some not-so-flattering shots, she’s the one closest to being a model.

High time, Pinay models rule HK. Ampapanget ng mga models dito!

Congrats to Maruja for having 100,000 hits, virtually speaking. I guess in real life, you’ve received a dozen more than that anywhere. (ching!)

13 07 2007

@ Travelphilippines – I’m glad that you enjoyed it!

@ Kiks – Naku, Mare! Hindi na ako ganoong ka-active sa lalake. Menopause na yata itey. CHING!

14 07 2007

haaay… sana kunin ng GMA or ABS ang PNTM (much preferable sa GMA). and sibakin si ruffa as host. She is not a model for God’s sake. Get a real model. and work more on the concept. yun!

13 08 2007

I love the games. it’s really great!

16 09 2007

bunnyman! bunnyman!

16 09 2007

Bunny man!

Shet, i got second.

16 09 2007

Bunny man!

Shet, i got second. 😉

16 09 2007


16 09 2007

hay…at least top three na

17 09 2007

bwiset!!! di pa rin ako pasok sa top three? hindot!

17 09 2007

hoy!! Top ten at runner up ako ano!
Baka sabunotan ko na yang winner!

18 09 2007
Bunny Man Hunt #18 Winner « They Call Me Maruja: A Colorful Life at Random

[…] Our hot guy wearing a bunny costume was spotted at an old entry entitled “Philippines Next Top Model: Street Glam in Hong Kong“. […]

6 03 2008
Germany’s Next Topmodel Staffel 3: It’s On! « They Call Me Maruja: A Colorful Life at Random

[…] though subbed in English). I’ll be leaving my analysis (and the possible return of the BANGIS and BANGAS Awards) in my future posts! I hope you’ll enjoy the new season of what I think is THE BEST Top Model […]

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