Bunny Man Hunt #9 Winner

9 07 2007

Empress Maruja crowns the latest winner of our weekly Bunny Man Hunt!

The elusive hot guy dressed in a bunny costume was spotted over at “Baklaan Alert! Ang Pagbabalik ng Super Sireyna!,” a nostalgic trip back in the days when I used to accompany an aspiring gay beauty queen mixed with videos from Eat Bulaga’s revival of Super Sireyna. The second clue is an introduction spoken by the Iya Villania lookalike in the first video, while the third clue is my imaginary gay pageant introduction.

Congratulations to Q the Conqueror for solving the clues leading to our Bunny Man’s whereabouts. This is his third win.

As the days progressed, Q gradually begins to show more of himself (I mean, about himself). He recently blogged about his seven quirks, including being a virgin back “there.” Any volunteers? Just kidding!

The Empress also congratulates Keitaro Hanazawa of Adobong Comatose for being second in line.

Our next Bunny Man Hunt will be held this Saturday between 12 midnight to 2 am, local time. I promise to post it on time.

See you hunting next week!




5 responses

10 07 2007

Salamat ng marami, Empress!

10 07 2007

@ Kei – You’re welcome Quezon City!

10 07 2007

Dapat totoong prize na :p hehehe. Kidding. Kakainis. Now I’m gonna be banned from playing for the next… 3 hunts diba? 😦 Paboritong game ko pa naman to (obvious ba?)

10 07 2007

@ Q – Alam mo, balak ko kaya ‘yan. Gagawan pa naman sana kita ng customized t-shirt na nakasulat “KISS ME, I’M ATENEAN.” Kaya lang, ang gastos baka mabawasan ang panglalalake ko. CHOS!

Thanks for the suggestion. Pag-iisipan ko ‘yan.

11 07 2007

@Maruja – Lol. Pwede ring “Chris Tiu is MINE!!!” Hehehe. Ok lang naman kung wala. I still love this game. Naprapractice ang stalker skills ko. Dahil kung anu-anong mga sinesearch ko sa internet. Hehehe.

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