Random Hot Men: More Manhunt International 2007 Candidates in Swimsuit and National Costume

6 07 2007

Apparently, my entries about Manhunt International 2007 are the most viewed articles in my blog. So here are more scorching photos from the much-coveted male pageant, featuring the candidates in their national costumes and swimwear.

And yes, there’s a solo shot of Mr. Canada Jason Charles Milot showing off his great body. All the girls and boys can scream now.

Get you dose of hottiness after the jump.

First and foremost, here’s Mr. Philippines Roldunne Mendoza wearing a Moro outfit…

Mr. Greece Athitakis Ioannis seem to have jumped out from an ancient artwork…

This costume of Mr. Panama Orlando Mendieta has got to be the most flamboyant in the bunch…

Jeong Ju Seop of host country Korea struts fiercely…

Mr. Taiwan Li Chi-Hsiang wins Best in National Costume. This is Taiwan’s third consecutive win in this category…

This is my personal fave among the national costumes, worn by Fernando Surya of Indonesia.


And now, here are our dashing Manhunt candidates in their swimwear.

Mirza Ustovic of Bosnia seems to be chiseled out of stone…

It took me quite a while to realize that this hot guy is Manhunt winner Jeffrey Zheng of China…

Marco Kleyn Gomes Rocha of Angola and Mr. Australia Craig Barnett lead their fellow candidates for judging…

Here’s Manhunt 2007 1st Runner-Up Jason Charles Milot of Canada impressing the judges…

Finally, Elson Goh of Singapore sizzles in this hot number.

Makes me anticipate next year’s Manhunt International even more.




21 responses

7 07 2007

Grabe. Nakakatakot ang suot ni Taiwan! Couldn’t they get a better costume designer for the Phils? No offense sa mga moro, pero di niya madala eh!

7 07 2007

@ Q – Mabuti na ‘yung Moro, kesa naman puro Barong Tagalog.

7 07 2007


7 07 2007
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[…] Maruja similarly adds sizzle to his fabulous blog by featuring photos of Manhunt International 2007’s candidates in their swimsuit (yoohooo!) and national […]

7 07 2007

just a suggestion for our next manhunt rep.. can they have a PMA (Philippine Military Academy) Uniform as national costume? I think its sexy..

7 07 2007

congrats to mr.china!
i can’t believe he’ll be the one to get the title!
well, so far, i could say good luck!

8 07 2007

Ugh they are soooooo hot! I wish I had that kind of body!

8 07 2007
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[…] Random Hot Men: More Manhunt International 2007 Candidates in Swimsuit and National Costume [image] Apparently, my entries about Manhunt International 2007 are the most viewed articles in my blog. So here are […] […]

8 07 2007

Those photos are damn hot Maruja!!!

Do they came from MARS? At tayo, sa VENUS!!!


9 07 2007

hi maruja,
im glad i was able to visit your blog. With your permission, i am tagging you.
Hope you do the same..thanks


9 07 2007

Beautiful. I cannot even imagine being in one place with all those guys… it’s the stuff dreams are made of!

9 07 2007
Raymond Lee Quijano

pusa… dota na lang tayo!

9 07 2007

darn, this is really HOT! rep from canada is the hottest among the pics ;_

9 07 2007

well, well, well… filipinos are really great imitators. i just couldn’t help but noticed the blue swimwear staged during this pageant is a copycat of what g. filipinas 2007 candidates wore in their pictorials and that of mr. valentino finalists during the pageant.

9 07 2007

@ Cliff – What’s with the evil laughter? hehehe…

@ Blue Harajuku – Hmmm…I think your fetish is showing huh! But that’s a nice suggestion!

@ Jhed – I thought he was the black horse in the pageant. I was so rooting for Mr. France.

@ Chase – We both wish the same thing.

@ Xerendipity – Eh saan naman ang mga bakla? Sa Jupiter? Ching!

@ Don – It took me while to realize that you actually meant linking your blog to mine (tagging me is a different thing, similar to a meme). Anyway, I’ll add you up in my blogroll. 🙂

@ Paulo – If they were dreams, I wish I wouldn’t wake up.

@ Raymond – I don’t do DOTA, puwede Audition na lang?

@ Dazedblu – Yup, I never knew he had that hot of a body. When I first posted this the girls and boys wanted more of him.

@ G Spot – Probably blue is a lucky color. Ching!

10 07 2007

I drool the abs, i want to have those just like mine, so i could be featured in one of Empress Maruja’s articles!

10 07 2007

Fabulous !!! I love them all !!!

10 07 2007

@ Jeffrey – Don’t worry, with a little workout baka gumawa pa ako ng pictorial for you (using your new camera).

@ Jase – I love dem all too, Mare!

10 07 2007

hehehe.. sana tayo na manalo next year. ako ipadala niyo sa manhunt! hahaha charoscaldo!

20 09 2007
Mario Neri

Gusto kong kainin ang mga nasa loob ng briefs nila kasi napakasarap ! AWWW!

21 06 2008
Craig Barnett

Great article.

The photo above winner Jeffrey Zheng is of Mr Australia – Craig ‘Barney’ Barnett and not Mirza Ustovic of Bosnia as mentioned…

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