Music Break: “So Blue” By Sinosikat?

4 07 2007

Sinosikat? has successfully fused different music elements, creating a whole new genre that is uniquely Pinoy Soul.

Their latest single “So Blue” not only has a cool sound and a kick-ass video, but also got the Maruja singing like some sultry hip-swaying chanteuse.  Now that’s something.

Video clip after the jump.




10 responses

4 07 2007

I love, love, love their music! But I detest their band name big time. Slash it, will ya? ;-p

4 07 2007

i appreciate their music. 😉

4 07 2007

They sound quite nice! Very nice!

5 07 2007
isagani x, m.a.

Ano po big sabihin ng “a whole new genre that is uniquely Pinoy Soul”

nice video, btw.

5 07 2007

@ Talamasca – I think the band’s name doesn’t fit their genre, but oh well…

@ isagani – Pinoy Soul is something that the band themselves coined.

6 07 2007

Hola Maruja!

Favorite ever ko tong Sino Sikat!!! 2x ko na silang napanuod, sa Saguijo at sa Fete. Graveh, super energetic ni Kat at ang sarap picturan!

May isa nga lang kanta nila sa album nila na hindi ko type: Pag-ibig. Dinelete ko sya playlist ko, hahaha!

At medyo off din ako sa name nila, hehe, parang Barbie’s Cradle ang dating sakin.

Oh well, type ko pa rin sila! 😀

6 07 2007

Gusto ko ring tong band na ito. Galing ng band, tsaka yung mga tugtog nila, pang-chill out! Salamat kay Megan, kasi siya sponsor ko kaya nagkaroon ng Sinosikat sa playlist ko! Whapak!

9 07 2007

she sound like pauline wilson to me.coolness!love ur song.

23 07 2007

This band is awesome!!! Their music reminds me of the tracks on Erkyah Badu’s “Mama’s Gun”….

11 08 2007

Absolutely Love It!!! (for lack of better words to describe it.) Very Classy. It’s been a while Pinoy music hasn’t produced classy alternative music. I’m just in awe.

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