Special Hunt Winner

2 07 2007

The Amazonistas rejoiced!

For a battle royalty has won this week’s special hunt “Where in my Blog is Wendy?”.

Empress Maruja congratulates Aries the Warrior Princess for finding Wendy peeking out of a previous post entitled “Attack of the Buried College Memories,” a work/college-related anecdote.

Aries is a “Bisaya kong dako” (full-blooded Visayan, not the “dako” your naughty head knows) who claims to be the lost daughter of Xena. He blogs along with his two loyal servants, Fairygodflower and Bitchywitch.

“Leche, never in my life pa ako naghanap ng babae in any way,” exclaimed Aries upon seeing the eksenadora beauty queen.

The Maruja also bestows his congratulations to devoted father (and fellow Philippine Idol fan) Ganns Deen for placing second.

“Drat, beaten by Aries by 15 minutes.” — Ganns Deen

Another part of our honor roll is two-time Bunny Man Hunt winner Q the Conqueror as our third placer.

“Uggggggh!!!! nabeat ni Aries.” — Q the Conqueror

And most especially to our sweet Swede Kiss Fendi.

“Xpecial mention ako ha! Hmp!” — Kiss Fendi




2 responses

2 07 2007

congrats sa kanila. mali pala ang process na ginawa ko. di ko kasi binasa ng maigi ang clues. haaay. next time. humanda!

3 07 2007


zalamat at thank you empress. i shall hold a banquet for this…and mwaahhs to all winners

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