Bunny Man Hunt #8

25 06 2007

You know it’s never too late to hunt of that elusive Bunny Man. He has hopped to another random post, and it’s up to you to find him. Spotting the Bunny Man gets to have his or her blog be featured on the sidebar.

The rules are simple: Look for the Bunny Man in this blog using the clues provided. You can use the search and archive functions to aid you hunt. Once you find him, leave a comment on that particular post. First person to leave a comment wins.

Everybody is welcome to participate. First-time visitors are encouraged to join in. Past winners are not allowed to hunt for three weeks.

Here are the clues to help you find our hot Bunny Man:

* You really don’t have to look far.

* Once you click it, you never miss it.

* Comment quick or your chances would sink.

There you have it. Start hunting, my amigas!




6 responses

25 06 2007
Pinoy balut

eto na bunny man!

25 06 2007

Yun na ba yun? Kakainis ka Pinoy Balut! Tse!

25 06 2007

peste… ok i’ll settle for third bunny hunt man

25 06 2007

fourth ako

25 06 2007
Lyka Bergen

4th runner-up lang ketch! Leche! Di bale. Miss USA naman ako! Tse!

25 06 2007

eto na ba yung bunny man na hinahanap naten? Sige, sige, pang-fifth ako, hehe!

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