Bunny Man Hunt #8 Winner

25 06 2007

Empress Maruja congratulates the winner of the latest Bunny Man Hunt.

The Bunny Man was found hiding beneath the Bunny Man Hunt #8 post, and it was first spotted by a guy who identifies himself as “The Magbabalut.”

Pinoy Balut is literally a new blog, as it began posting entries since last week. Sadly, being a new blog, there isn’t really much to read about. (We’ll just have to wait for a few weeks, perhaps?)

The Maruja also congratulates the multi-faceted Aries the Warrior Princess as this week’s first runner-up and the ever-fabulous Mandaya Moore-Orlis for bagging second runner-up crown. Remember guys to leave your blog link when hunting for the Bunny Man.

I hope you had fun spotting for that hot Bunny Man. Until next time!

By the way, if you’re wondering why the heck Ms. Honduras is in this ruckus of a photograph, you just have to watch out for my future entries.




8 responses

26 06 2007

bunny man hunt. what is it?

26 06 2007
Lyka Bergen

Conngratul;ations mambabalut…kahit di ka desrving. Ching!

26 06 2007

wow…i feel so miriam quiambao!!!

my bouquet please…nyahaha

26 06 2007

crush ko ung winner ha.. ahihihi

27 06 2007
Pinoy balut

Thank you Empress. Salamat! Masaya din ako!


30 06 2007
karlo mikhail

Hey, if I may ask. Is the first picture edited? Its kind of weird seeing the miss Japan twice in one picture.

And is the miss Honduras candidate really a part of that picture was she pasted in that image too?

1 07 2007

@ karlo – It’s obviously Photoshopped ^_^ where the one being crowned is Miss Korea Honey Lee. I got it from some forum. Check out my latest entry as to why Miss Honduras is there too!

1 07 2007
karlo mikhail

I actually thought both were the same persons. They kind of look the same. 🙂 And yes, its supposed to be a contest. That Other Wendy really is Kulang sa Pansin!

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