Bunny Man Hunt #7 Winner

19 06 2007

We got ourselves a winner for this week’s Bunny Man Hunt!

Our hot Bunny Man was spotted in “Nang Minsang Napilitang Mapariwara sa Germany,” a fictional story I created from the YouTube video at the end of the entry.  No, it wasn’t me who was dancing.

On that note, the Empress expresses a supercalifragelisticexpialidocious congratulations to our fave attorney, Misterhubs, for finding the Bunny Man first! Probably Brazilian hottie Leandro Okabe’s number one fan, he has endeared countless readers with his biting humor on our crazy local showbiz, the pseudo-creative fashion industry, and of course, who could forget his recaps of Philippines’ Next Top Model?  He recommends buying Kris Aquino’s CD (not for the sake of supporting her, but to laugh out loud, while I thought the CD is a reparative theraphy material), press ALT+TAB whenever your office supervisor passes by while you ogle on Leandro Okabe, and watch PNTM “na may asim sa mukha.”

Also let’s give a warm applause to Rye, one-half of the hilarious The Dan and Rye Show podcast, for grabbing the second slot.  As well as to Thysz of No Access to Prozac as our third princess for this week.

Hope you like playing the Bunny Man Hunt.  Until next week, mga amiga!

Now back to regular kabahaluraan!




4 responses

19 06 2007

Thank you, Empress. Now, I’ve fulfilled one of the things I’d like to do before dying — find the Bunny Man! Hehe.

20 06 2007

nice feature, i also digg into misterhubs blog, well anyways’ i linked to my blogroll. 😉

20 06 2007

hmph! naunahan lang ako ni attorney dahil na-cancel yung hearing nya habang may rehearsal ako!

26 06 2007

ay chorba na mention pa ako kahit runner up lang! salamat!

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