Maruja’s Current Addictions

16 06 2007

(WARNING: Video overload.)

Maruja has been dabbling on several trivial things recently from gaming to television to movies and I would like to share them to you today. It’s gonna get geeky.

CURRENTLY PLAYING ON PS2 — Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria

Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria is the prequel to Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth, which I played back in college. It tells the story of Alicia, a princess who carries the soul of a Valkyrie inside her. Silmeria, the youngest of the three valkyries, used to be obdient servant of Odin until a situation caused her to rebel and was punished to remain dormant inside a human body, but the spell was incomplete making Alicia appear as having a dual personality. With Silmeria, the princess has to find the power that would defy the gods themselves.

Gaming critics say that this is “the best Role-Playing Game that nobody played.” At first glance you might think the game to be really easy, but don’t be fooled by its side-scrolling action (which would remind you of Mario Brothers) as several areas can be very tricky to deal with when it comes to reaching for treasure chests and other precious items. Its battles, although sticking to the turn-based fights, actually requires more strategy than its predecessor where some gamers mash buttons to achieve optimum hits.

My favorite part of this game is the storyline. The cutscenes are amply spaced, unlike in other RPGs where your character merely walks an inch or two and it lead to the next dialogue. And it was well-written. I didn’t really care much whether I would get the game’s maximum powers (well, maybe except for reaching hard-to-find treasure chests) because I wanna see the next scene on the story. The clip below gives you an idea of Alicia’s “dual personality.”

CURRENTLY PLAYING ONLINE — Dance Battle Audition Philippines

I tried Flyff for a while, but realized that it falls under other MMORPGs where you merely fight to level-up (and the huge gap to reach the second job change, from level 15 to level 60, is pretty crazy).

So I went back to playing Dance Battle Audition (commonly called among Pinoy online gamers as Audition), a casual online dance game where all you have to do is to press the arrows and the space bar to command your character to dance against (or with) other gamers.

What I like about the game is the dressing-up part. Being a cheapskate that I am, I rather not spend money to purchase different items. Good thing that Audition gives an equal balance of hot fashion items both among players who pay and those who don’t.

You know what they say about your avatar being a reflection of yourself?

Well, my character looks definitely gay. Dances like one too! Shake those hips!


I was actually watching this in the office, thanks to YouTube.

UK’s take on America’s Got Talent not only produces an unbelievable array of talented individuals, it is also unbelievable to see Simon Cowell in a really light-hearted mood.

The show started last June 9 and it will only run for 9 days. The winner will perform for the Queen in the Royal Variety Show.

And you know what is weird? It is actually the audience who is more rude, shouting awful talents with “off off” (or “get off the stage you bloody arse wiper”), second only to the Mexicans back in Miss Universe 2007.

By now it seems to me that this is becoming a competition between opera-sining phone salesman Paul Potts and 6-year-old singing angel Connie Talbot, so I decided to feature the auditions of other notable talents who got into the semi-finals.

Here’s a guy named Damon who makes a really funny act.

Meet Crew 82, a group of beatboxers from Leeds.

This is Tony Laf, a singer-songwriter from the East Side.

And lastly, here are the Kit Kat Dolls, Britain’s answer to the Pussy Cat Dolls. (Along with Tony and Crew 82, they would be competing against Connie in tonight’s semis, so I wish them well, especially only two acts will get in the finals tomorrow.)

CURRENTLY MEMORIZING — Temptation Island One-Liners

Remember this campy 80’s Filipino movie that I have been blogging about? Well, apparently some good soul has uploaded more scenes from the movie for all of us to laugh about.

What I like about Temptation Island is that every line in the script is a one-liner, way beyond the “You’re nothing but a second-rate, trying hard copycat” caliber.  (And I can’t hardly wait for my Dad to bring home the DVD my mom bought online.)

By now, Svelte’s fave character is Azenith.

“Oh yes, some stowaway. Oh come on, I wasn’t born yesterday. All I have to do is to look at your big brown eyes at mababasa ko na sa ‘yo ang nasa isip mo.

“You see, I’m a crook, a damn good crook. And I can tell another crook when I see one. Tulad mo, an exciting and adventurous young one.”

Our female officemate, whom only knew about the movie through the YouTube clips, is all agog about the bitchy Suzanne.

“It’s a bright sunny day, a day in the light of the sunrays. This is how I begin my day, an hour of tender loving care in the eight o’ clock sunshine. ‘Yan ang sikreto ng aking youthful complexion. Parang nasa tabi lang tayo ng swimming pool.”

And my favorite Temptation Island character would be Joshua, the gay socialite who is so consumed with his riches and men.

“Friends? With you? Darling, all my friends are of the upper-upper, the real upper-upper where you and your family certainly don’t belong.

“Ang nanay mo?  Your mother was, is, and will always be the biggest social phony I’ve ever met.  Ang lahat ay dinadaan niya sa palabas para matakpan ang katotohanan na matagal nang bumaba sa antas ng lipunan ang mga Belisario.  It’s so pathetic!”

(This line is the one I memorized first) “Don’t sympathize with a cry baby.  I said don’t sympathize with a cry baby! All she has ever done when we got into this bloody island was to cry and sniffle and makes things worse for the two of us.  Layuan mo siya!”

See what I told you?  Those lines are so teleserye-worthy! Svelte and I were actually contemplating if ever our theater org would produce this, then all the gays would be scrambling for roles.

I wonder what other things I would be addicted about in the weeks to come?




5 responses

17 06 2007

ZOMG I’m a huge fan of VP!!! And I absofreakinglutely loved the first installment! And I’ve been playing Silmeria also, since October last year actually. Well, I kinda stopped after the events on Chapter 4 to make way for Final Fantasy 12. I got to the point where Alicia’s father was executed and her mom killed herself and Dylan became Brahm, the Undead King, and the whole soul separation thing, blah di blah blah. I’m thinking of going back to it sooner. ;-p

17 06 2007
Lyka Bergen

Gosh! Na-aliw ako sa Temptation Island. Saan kaya makabili ng DVD nitosh?

18 06 2007

I played Valkyrie Profile before and I love it. It is simply gorgeous. I will try to play the Valkyrie Profile 2 later once I am done with Dragon Quest 8.

18 06 2007

@ Lyka – It’s available on 1-800-GO-REGAL. Nagpabili ako sa Mom ko kasi you can’t find the DVD here.

21 06 2007

These addictions of Maruja are indeed true! I’m a witness to all of these, especially that dance thing!

You forgot to include blogging as one of your addictions, i noticed that you posts practically everyday!

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