Music Break: “What You Want” from Legally Blonde The Musical

15 06 2007

I chanced upon the Legally Blonde The Musical when the cast performed on the Today Show (yes, it is shown here in the cesspit of South East Asia…kidding).  At first I thought this looks like a disaster in the making and boy, I was so wrong.

The musical adaptation of the hit Resse Witherspoon starrer stays true to the movie’s camp and light hearted humor.  It is a hit among the younger crowd, even those who haven’t even watched the movie.  (And it even has 7 Tony nominations!)

The song “What You Want” is their version of Elle Wood’s applying for admission on Harvard Law School, but instead of creating a personal video, she brought in the whole UCLA drill team.

Video clip after the jump.




3 responses

15 06 2007

I’ve read some really great reviews about the musical. And I have friends in NY who are raving about the show. sana kinaya nting gumawa ng kahit konti, kasing-cute at campy ng show na to nung college noh? kahit syempre di at par ang production value.

p.s. added u in my blog roll.

20 06 2007

thanks for sharing this! love it! 😉

26 03 2008

We performed Legally Blonde the Musical in our school last November 2007. And I totally love the soundtrack.

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