Maruja Makes a Lousy Midwife

12 06 2007

I am so sad as I write this entry. I realized that yours truly, the Imperial Highness, is lousy when it comes to giving birth.

Our bitch (the one on the right, a half-Pug, half-I don’t know what) went into labor at around 2:00 am. This was her third pregnancy and she was yet to have a live pup.

Let’s just say that we in the house were just as panicky as she was. Although 98% of dog births go off without much of a hitch, in her case she needed some attention because she basically didn’t know what to do. And so were we.

We were glad to see the first born to be alive, catch is that its hind legs are cut off (apparently the bitch accidentally bit them off as she pulled the pup). It was bleeding continuously so we really didn’t expect the pup to live for long.

The second pup was born two hours later. Since we were so scared seeing the pup being kicked around, we decided to separate it from her as the bitch still continued on having birth labor. I was planning on reuniting the pup from her mother as soon as the dog is done giving birth, but since I was so sleepy after all the waiting I went to bed without telling my siblings about it.

So I woke up and realized that the pups are still separated from the mother. Both of them are now dead. Basically all of us in the house suck when it comes to taking care of a newborn. As I was talking my sister on the phone (by that time she went to work), we realized our mistakes.

Next time, if ever Intsik becomes pregnant again, we have to purchase a separate cage. Getting stuck in a small house with her humongous Pug hubby is not a great way of taking care of pregnancy.

Also, as soon as she goes into labor (which we only realize once she gives birth to the first pup because she doesn’t tend to go into weird noises or something) we have to give her ample space and not watch her much.

I’m still reading some materials over the Net about taking care of dog birth.  Hope I could put them into good use.




2 responses

12 06 2007
Jake The Miserable

Ikinalulungkot ko ang naging kapalaran ng mga tuta. Nawa’y hindi na maulit ang ganitong pangyayari.

13 06 2007
Raymond Lee Quijano

pusa… mahirap maging bitch… ^^

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