Bunny Man Hunt #6 Winner

11 06 2007

Empress Maruja announces the official winner of this week’s Bunny Man Hunt.

The Bunny Man was found in a recent post entitled “I Almost Got Hacked. OMGWTFH4COLWITS2M?“, which I wrote when my computer security program found that an outside element (read: hacker) was attempting to gain access in my PC.  And I was like “Why the hell?”.  Our hot mascot hopped into this post in the light of Project Manila’s recent incident.

Our winner for this week is our first-ever winner! Q the Conqueror has since gained a lot of attention after his first win.  He is still on the quest of featuring superheroes that we queers should look up to, but recently he has been on the prowl for the hottest guys in THE At’neo.  He sure got some good taste on his men, compare that to my liking for blue-collared guys.

Congratulations, Q!

The next Bunny Man Hunt will be held early Saturday (local time).  Thanks for playing!




2 responses

11 06 2007

Mare .naka limutanko talaga! Nalasin yata ako sa weekend! Gusto kona talaga makuha ang first prize!!


12 06 2007

Siyempre ung pic ng kilikili ni batman ang pinili mo 😛 hehehe. labshu maruja.

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