Losing Voice

9 06 2007

I have been coughing terribly for almost a week now and it certainly have taken a toll on my imperial throat.

My voice has changed dramatically from this…

To this…

And I’ve tried everything. Streptuss, ginger tea, cough syrup, pastilles, and even Carbocistene didn’t work.

With all those self-medications, apparently only one worked.  Water (or any liquid, however temporary).  My cough’s beginning to wane (thank goodness), and I hope it will be gone in a few days.

Not unless I get the the cold from the officemates infected by my coughing.



5 responses

10 06 2007

uminom ka sana ng Pei Pa Koa!

10 06 2007

Antibiotics na kailangan mo.

10 06 2007

dryness of the throat? water would do.. you can also try vics candies for any sore.

about the first video.. i didnt understand anything the kid said, but it got me to finish it.

10 06 2007

@ Paolomendoza – The kid was actually reading the Quraan.

13 06 2007
Isagani X

lovely commercial … funny heh!

Feel better, maru

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