Music Break: “Miss Cleo” by The Gemini Project

8 06 2007

The song is a sketch comedy inspired from a disgruntled caller of Miss Cleo, a popular phone-in psychic in the US.

(Also, if you are wondering who is the face behind the screechy voice of The Buzz, he actually looks like this. I’m not kidding.)

Video after the jump.




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8 06 2007
reyna elena


8 06 2007

Hahhaha fabulous video!

10 06 2007
reyna elena

I have to come back! I can’t get enough of this one! HA HA HA!

Actually, I was trying to mimic her! And I think I am gettin there!

You’d see mah video soon!

He He He!

*ngiting aso*

21 06 2007
Reyna Elena » A royalty was here!!!

[…] Find out about what’s the deal with her! Empress Maruja will tell you what’s with the at…! […]

21 06 2007

just blog hopped from reynz.

naknampucha hahaha. that was a funny video indeed. “can’t wait to use my hand” and “can you tell me where is osama bin laden” was darn classics hahaha.

It’s good that her neck is still attached from that constant wriggling! hahaha

btw, is that a man or a woman portraying Ms. Cleo?

Pax et Bonum!

21 06 2007

@ bluepanjeet – It’s a drag queen, so you decide if the singer’s a man or a woman. CHING!

22 06 2007
reyna elena

empress, inayos ko na poh. wag na pong magtampo. *abot babolgam*

4 08 2007

Nako, first time ko dito.. At nakita ko na ang bunny man.. Hahaha..

Great blog empress maruja.. 😀

4 08 2007

second!!! hahaha

4 08 2007

Teka lang ..Dibah may crown din yung second runner up kahit maliit lang?!! lol!


4 08 2007

at least third na ako ngayon!! bunnyman!!!

4 08 2007

i mean 2nd runner up hehehe

4 08 2007

Bunnyman! hirap hanapin ngayon ah!

4 08 2007

Bunnyhuntman!!!…hay ang hirap pero adik pa rin sa bunny huntman

6 08 2007
Bunny Man Hunt #13 Winner « They Call Me Maruja: A Colorful Life at Random

[…] week, our hot yet elusive Bunny Man has been found on an old entry entitled “Music Break: ‘Miss Cleo’ by The Gemini Project,” probably one of the most amusing songs ever recorded about rants on a phone-in psychic. […]

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