Bunny Man Hunt #5 Winner

5 06 2007

Empress Maruja awards this week’s winner of the Bunny Man Hunt.

The hot Bunny Man was found in the entry entitled “Setting Priorities (also known as “Ang Nangyayari Kapag May Topak ang Internet sa Office”)“, a transcript of me and Svelte’s online chat while passing time at the office. It was also the post that got me free invites in this year’s Philippine Blog Awards. Good thing I turned down my “booking.”

This week, the Bunny Man was found by another new visitor to the blog, Pepe of Ginger Brew.  I personally knew Pepe since college as he was a junior in the theater organization where I am an alumnus.  He doesn’t really post often in his blog (scroll down and you could still read his very first entry), but his posts–mostly anecdotal–are always interesting.

I would also like to give props to our second placer, Baklang AJ of Bakla Ako, May Reklamo?, as well as to JRothschild of Exiled Aristocrat for placing third.

The next Bunny Man Hunt will take place this Saturday between 12:30 to 2:00 am (Manila Time).




One response

5 06 2007

You’re so sikat na in cyberweb. People are fighting for a space in your page.

Thank you so much for the short but sweet recommendation. 🙂

I redesigned my layout just for this 1-week exposure. Talagang pinaghandaan ko. Hehe…

I like the trophy and the kid holding it. Cute! But I was actually expecting a Mikimoto crown. Oh, well… Hehehe…

Richard a.k.a. Goddess, you should be next in line. Mag-train ka na sa Colombia, sagot ko plane tickets. Hindi pwede ang runner-up finish lang. Kakahiya.

On my blog, true, most of my entries are personal anecdotes. I promise to put in more useful information- lately I’ve been getting hits from people searching for info on Milka Chulina (Miss Venezuela Universe 1993) and details on Clark, Pampanga (bakasiyonistas?).

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