Music Break: “Cosi” by Vittorio Grigolo

30 05 2007

I’m still in a “beauty pageant mode” right now. In the meantime, let me share to you this wonderful music sung by Vittorio Grigolo.

“Cosi,” the Italian popopera version of Keane’s “Bedshaped,” was used in the evening gown competition of Miss Universe 2006. I think this is the best music they have ever used for this segment. I mean, hello, what’s up with this year’s “Give It All to Me” by Sean Paul?

It still gives me the shivers everytime I listen to this.

Get ready with your high heels, long leggeds, and flowing dresses after the jump.




10 responses

30 05 2007

Hi Mare,

Vongga ang predictions mo! Dapat ikaw ang mag-organize for next year’s contest para manalo naman ang pinas!

30 05 2007
Lyka Bergen

Di oobra kay Donald Trump ang music na to ‘Day. Sobrang Pop/Mainstream na ang music sa Evening Gown Portion…. Gone were the days na elegant at regal ang Gown Competition. Kakainis nga eh!

30 05 2007

mas type ko ung ginamit nila nung 2003… shine by bond

31 05 2007

parang gago talaga ang music na ginamet for most of the show’s segments. nelly furtado, sean paul, etc.

jesus h christ.

1 06 2007

oi di naman chepar, pa modern epek lang ang mexico ngayon… sila din yung nag produce ng grammys diba?

1 06 2007

tsk… tsk… tsk… manghuhula ka pala empress? hehe! napadaan lang muli… ๐Ÿ˜€

1 06 2007

I agree. I love last year’s evening gown presentation! Paulit-ulit sa VHS player ko. Hehehe… ๐Ÿ™‚

Although 2007 has a glossier production design, I still prefer 2006 because of its pageantry and drama. Music plays a big part in setting the mood.

1 06 2007
Raymond Lee Quijano

tsk tsk tsk… halos ata lahat ng comment na sasabihin ko nasabi na nila. ^^

1 06 2007

whoa – may pagka-madame auring ka pala, friend! but of course, way younger and prettier! hahaha! good job on the fearless forecast for the miss u pageant! ๐Ÿ˜‰

2 06 2007
reyna elena

sali mo naman ako sa predictions mo! gusto kong maging miss universe too!!!

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