Random Thursday #3

17 05 2007

It’s Thursday once again and time for another round of Random Thursday.

Feel free to browse through my past entries using the randomizer or read new blogs and increase your own traffic.

In this edition of Random Thursday, we can now play it in two ways:

* Click on the “RANDOMIZE ME!” link.

* Read through any of my 300+ entries.

* Leave a comment, beginning with “Happy Random Thursday!”

* Go back to this post and repeat if necessary.


* Click on a random blog among “Maruja and Friends” (except for Empress Balita, that’s mine) and read its latest post.

* Leave a comment there, beginning with “Empress Maruja wishes you a Happy Random Thursday!” or something to that effect.

* Go back to my blog and repeat the procedure if necessary.

*  If you want your blog to be included in my blogroll, just create a link to my blog in your site. You need to notify me about it.

Let the joy of random blog reading roll!




2 responses

17 05 2007
18 05 2007

Happy Random Thursday!!

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