Philippine Idol Updates: Waiting for Season 2

16 05 2007

While we are confirming reports that Season 2 of Philippine Idol may not be held this year, let’s reminisce the good times when we were watching on TV the best talent show that ever existed. No other big-shot networks can pull off what Philippine Idol has accomplished.

So yeah, continue idolizing your “amateur acoustic singer” who almost had her career squashed because of misbehavior. Continue praising your balladeer who could only sing four Tagalog ballads (anything else is just “soul-less”).

Contradict all you want, but I still go for the soulful lesbian, who is currently doing the bar circuit with her band…

The musical theater actor who is one of the country’s representative for the upcoming World Championship of the Performing Arts…

His fellow thespian who is being pimped so much by GMA (yey!)…

And the one and only Diamond Diva, with her full-length album currently being recorded (double yey!).

As we patiently and graciously wait for the second season, here is the music video of the first season’s single, Kaleidoscope World.  Enjoy!



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17 05 2007
18 05 2007
Opal: Vegan Momma

Nice. I never knew their was a Phillipine Idol.
The Queer Chef sent me here.

21 05 2007

it really warms the heart knowing that there’s a blogger out there who, like me, still believe in the talents that graced the Philippine Idol Stage despite the media mileage. Yes, PDA is overhyped, while Pinoy Pop Superstar is already a fizzle. How I wish that Mau and Co. can prove to the world that though PI did not win in the ratings war, they can still shine in the industry by sheer talent. Can’t wait to have Mau’s full length album.

28 05 2007

it doesn’t end in the first season. it must not. this show has graced different kinds of talents, not only from the finalists but also from those who reached the theater elimination. i have witnessed them showcase their gift of singing. this show has definitely catered pinoy talents. it would be a loss to put it into waste.

3 07 2007

Yeah! See you all again on blogsites once PI season 2 resumes! Can’t wait….

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