Music Break: “Dekada” by Join The Club

11 05 2007

I admire Join The Club.  Their songs are easy to listen to, the lyrics have sense, and it doesn’t sound like it was written on a cloudy haze of shabu.

Classifying their music though is a bit tough.  They are rooted into punk music, with emo-style melodies,  and power pop influences.

Oh well, who cares anyway?  Their songs sound great.

Video clip after the jump.

WARNING:  Obscenity ahead.  Slight lang.




4 responses

14 05 2007
Jake The Miserable

I actually love this particular song. Veeeeeery much.

14 05 2007

Very catchy ang kantang ito tulad ng ibang kanta nila… Kinakanta ko mga kanta nila ditey sa office pag tahimik nang lahat, hahaha.

Medyo naiirita nga lang ako dun sa mujer na nagsasignlanguage eklavu sa video…

26 07 2007

i luv this s0ng………… ;c

naka2t0uch,,. ha2.. .

13 09 2007

aus ahh..

kua migzz yngtan muh atE q0u..



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