Philippines Next Top Model: Standing Out Amongst the Drag

9 05 2007

I was trying to comment on Misterhubs‘ blog about the latest Philippines’ Next Top Model episode, only to learn that my office has blocked “” (but not “,” which means I could still browse through my amigas’ Blogger sites). Hope the IT guys won’t block WordPress *crossing fingers*.

UPDATE: My officemate taught me about proxy serving. Pretty neat, only that it is directed to Turkey, which prohibits YouTube. Tsk.

Anyway, back on topic. The remaining five girls were taken to a local theme park Star City, where they be posing along with a gang of drag queens.

Note to producers: If you are going to make a photoshoot that involve drag queens, expect the PNTM contestants to eaten alive.

Here is my BANGIS AWARD:


She and Jhen were the only ones who stood out, but Rina REALLY deserved the award because 1) she is the only contestant who positioned herself dead center, 2) lifting your leg helped a lot and 3) it was the worst shot of Miss Thunderthighs in Black, who is the TRUE winner of this competition.

And here is my BANGAS AWARD:


Can you guess where Elf is? I can’t find her. Really!

ELIMINATED: Joy. I am so sad.




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9 05 2007

I think the styling is a problem too. There’s nothing to set apart the costumes of the drag queens and the models.

10 05 2007

that’s actually the challenge (as response to Misterhubs). I guess this is the most challenging exercise. Trying to stand out among the drags. And you know how drags really stand out. You really have to strategize. In fairness, even Rina is not so much of a stand out. Sad for Joy but i am sure marami na siyang raket afterwards.

10 05 2007
Lyka Bergen

Am so glad Jen survived. Sayang si Joy. Not for the leg-lift Rina should have gone.

10 05 2007

hAha! im lovinG it! thIs is reallY good! talagang challengiNg!

10 05 2007

Ugh. I was watching ‘Mr Bean 2′ when this episode was aired.

PS: E di “Philippines’ Next Top Model” with Ruffa Gutierrez (without the Bektas)? Hahahha.

10 05 2007

Which one?
Are they all dragS? seriously tell me..

10 05 2007

it was a fair decision, frank and honest esp from wilma!!!!! Sad to say joy deserves to be out. As i saw this episode, i was 100% sure that it was time for joy to be rooted out. Wala na siyang maipupuga pa. I felt, she was trying to win sympathy telling the judges that one of her relatives died???? huuuuh….

10 05 2007


10 05 2007

I think Joy really deserves to be eliminated. Good Choice!

Anyway, I saw a chart in Wiki about who had been and who WILL be eliminated. Is that true?! Is it even legal to post?!

Also, I hope it’s ok for you to send me the gal’s pics in their photoshoots in Episode 1-5. I just can’t access their site and i’m having a hard time looking for their pics in the net. Thanks :]

11 05 2007
reyna elena

Pag-laki ko, gusto ko gaya nila. 🙂

12 05 2007

maTagal nSaNa sI jOy Na eLiminaTe what kEpt heR iN thE cOmPitIon Is All BecaUse Of hEr sKin ColOr wHicH rEpresEntS aLot of GurLs hErE In the PhiL aNd aNg pAgigIng FavOrIte nya Ni WilMa!! take Out her sKin colOr aNd she’ll Be LikE caSsandRa(pageant girl ANTM CYCLE 4) who was sent home 1st…

12 05 2007

I dont watch this show but, RINA is ++++ing good! She knows that DQs will overpower them, still she kept unintimidated and kept the shot’s & the tableu’s center. Brava…. Which one is Elf? I dont see her.

13 05 2007

i consider that Elf still excels.. she might miss to outstand the drags as the judges say but look at her fabulous pose. it’s the props fault that made them all look like those drags.. rina’s pose makes no lot difference at all… i still believe on you elf.. i saw no stress on you bec you’re just being natural and enjoying ur part.

14 05 2007

I tHink iT wasn’t elfs best PicTuRe BecauSe dIbA accOrdIng To the PhOtOgrapheR WalA dAw yung LigHt nYa sA sPot Na Yan Yet They cHoOse tHat PictUrE..

17 05 2007

Ano pa hinihintay niyo, mga jokla? Basta’t sipag at ts*pa, kay Maruja ka na! ——

Hilarious!! I was laughing all over. Nice one ; )

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