Maruja Goes to the Arcade

8 05 2007

After an afternoon full of socializing and hobnobbing, I went to our local mall supposedly to buy some new pairs of underwear. But then, I passed by the arcade where I used to hang out in my much younger days.

The place didn’t change much, only that they added new games and the people I used to see there were replaced by a much younger bunch.

That wasn’t important though, for I was staring at one particular game with much nostalgia.

It’s the ParaParaParadise machine! I used to play this a lot back in college, along with Dance Dance Revolution!

ParaParaParadise, or PPP, is a dance simulation game based on the popular Para Para dance craze in Japan wherein you hit the five sensors in front of you using your hands, arms, and sometimes your feet.

The game has two modes: Para Para and Freestyle. Back then, I played Freestyle because I thought the Para Para mode was for noobs (I learned my lesson, no need for flaming e-mails my amigas). Freestyle has more difficult moves, and I usually nail them.

Eventually, I learned to play the Para Para mode, which requires a specific dance routine that you should follow. Kinda ironic that I tried the difficult mode before going easy, or so I thought.

I realized that both modes have their own difficulties. I found it hard to keep up with the arm movement, but I learned them as the days progressed.

Fast forward. After watching some younger arcade rats impress the crowd with their Para Para skills, I decided to play.

Please don’t laugh.

Guess what? I failed after stage 3.

My arms just couldn’t keep up anymore. I forgot some of the moves. I just became a fat, awful, noob again.

And I think I tore a deltoid muscle. It aches so badly until now.

Maybe I should just stick on playing dance games on PC? I’ve recently heard of Stepmania and I thought it’s a cool game.

But how on earth are you going to play sick like this?

My fingers couldn’t follow a damn arrow. Memory gap much?

Bawal ang pork? Hipon? Beans?




3 responses

8 05 2007

mare! my god, would you believe that i only discovered your moving to wordpress just now???? haaay. shala. i will update your link. my golly your entry ha? ako nga ang naaalala kong games sa mall is the pinball machine sa makati cinema square! at ang pinaka-hightech ko nang games before ay ang pacman at galaga powered by Atari! hahahahaha!

9 05 2007
Jake The Miserable

I also miss my DDR days. We even had competitions back then. It was held twice at SM Manila.

9 05 2007

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