Commercial Break: Sky Cable and the Best Maruja Impersonation EVER!

1 05 2007

Sky Cable launched a series of advertisements campaigning its new premium-channel package called The Metro Pack. This particular ad focused mainly on channels that would cater to the adventurous (and horny) male crowd.

By the way, the woman in the commercial is sooooooo ME!!!

Video clip after the jump…




11 responses

1 05 2007

Minsan na nga lang ako magpapaka-tibo, TS pala yung girl na yun. Haay.

1 05 2007
Lyka Bergen

Kakalokah Pare! Dont tell me, Yan ka kaganda, Dude? Tse!

1 05 2007

I wonder what she/he sounds like during an orgasm…

1 05 2007

ZOMG I’m missing out on a lot! Cable-free lifestyle blows. Pfft.

2 05 2007

yup, saw this one sa tv.. galing!

2 05 2007

o geexux xrix! The guy was gorgeous! 🙂


2 05 2007

ganda mo gurl!

4 05 2007

Oist hi sa lahat. Ano title nung music sa background sa tvc? kelangan ko kasi para ma-dl ko sa net and hopefully share with you guys.
Thank you very much please drop by at my site. got lots of cool sounds. ty!

8 05 2007

I saw your site while I was looking for the music from the skycable commercial. Kung sino man sa inyo ang nakakaalam, pwedeng pasabi naman:) I really want to know the title of this song:) Thanks!

9 05 2007

ei anu ba ung background music nung nasa club sila??? ok kc ung beat eh.!!! kung sico man nkkaalam mag comment nalang uli kayo dito…!!! rily nid it,, tnx..!!

30 10 2009

Weew… onga. cnu me alam nung song? tahe… pls give the title 😀

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