Commercial Break: Philippine Airlines, Shining Through

26 04 2007

This series of Philippine Airline commercials were shown in foreign countries like Hong Kong in 1987.

Can I just say…Oh God! The jingle sounds so beautiful, like our country! Walang aangal.

Video clips after the jump.




8 responses

26 04 2007

Wow! The last video almost made me cry wanna go back home Philippines! 😦

I love the last video” The woman smile so warm..!

Thanks for these videos..I will go see youtube and find like one of these.


26 04 2007

Who is that girl? She’s kind of cute. I haven’t seen a PAL commercial in the states yet.

26 04 2007

the veauty of the philippines… talaga!

28 04 2007
reyna elena

wow! i wish they have a commercial here in the US, those are beautiful!

28 04 2007
Lyka Bergen

As in favorite commercial ko toh dati! Really!

29 04 2007

sayang noh?!
ngayon wala ng kinang ang phil airline..

8 05 2007

i think i remember the first commercial…

31 03 2008

I’d already moved to the US in ’87 so I haven’t seen that ad until tonight while perusing on YouTube. I think it’s a beautifully-made commercial and that song snippet is very addictive. Does anyone know who sings it?

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