The Great Tribute to Weng Weng

25 04 2007

Filipinos today may not realize it, but a 2′ 9″ action star is beginning to become an international sensation.

Weng Weng, who appeared as leading man in a handful of James Bond parody films in the 1970’s, caught the attention of thousands of international fans who have watched him in DVDs throwing a razor-blade hat to some goon’s neck.  In fact, the Guiness Record holder (the shortest actor in a leading role) has a French fansite.

Since little is known about Weng Weng (even his real name and birthdate is contested), urban legends begin to crop up about him.  According to vague biographies about him, Weng Weng first entered Philippine showbiz through several adult movies until he was cast in “Go Tell the Mountain,” which is the first Christian movie filmed in 3D format.

Recently, a tribute song was composed for the late petite action star with a cool video to boot, compiling his fight scenes and the girls he made out with.




6 responses

26 04 2007

I remember Weng weng way back when I was still a little kid. I saw some of his shows before.

26 04 2007

This mofo is just hardcore. ‘Nuff said.

26 04 2007

Dang! a french fan site? coolness! I’m going there right now 😀 The Weng man rocks! 😀

28 04 2007
4 05 2007
reyna elena

Ok. Can you randomize me everyday?! He He He! You see, this would feed my ADD and I need it.

Teka lang! And hu the heck is this wengweng? This I miss something? I don’t know him!

19 02 2008

Not only in france, He is also popular in spain as well.
check this link

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