Random Hot Men: Raphael Sander

18 04 2007

Starting today, Random Hot Men will be written in English, just like the old days.

Since every hot guy in the Philippines has been covered by every gay blog I know, I decided to venture out of my horizon and focus my attention on the most delicious men outside of The Islands.

And what better way to start my man hunting but to venture to the land of Ipanema, Carnival, and man-god Lucas Gil.

Yes, my friends, it’s Brazil, probably one of the…no, make that THE place of the most scorching males ever created.

I searched from the Amazon Basin to the summit of Pico de Neblina, and after hours of painstaking googling and self-deliberation, I have finally found him.

Ooooh…We’re going to love this…

His name is Raphael Sander, only 19 years young, and he is one of the hottest new models in Brazil. He was scouted last January and has been booked for prominent menswear shows in Rio. At that time, he was working as a barman and sushi chef at a local hotel.

Rafael’s hobbies include swimming, working out, and studying (I wonder what subject…hmmm…). On weekends he loves to take a break at Ipanema Beach with his amigos, watch movies, and have a nice dinner at the end. Sushi is much preferred.

Aside from his irresistable good looks, he has been a topic of Brazilian entertainment shows after he was spotted in Rio canoodling with actress Luana Piovani, who is 11 years his senior.

Come on Rafael, why settle for old and brittle when you can have someone fresh and alluring like me! Besides, I’m several years younger than that “lawsu” Luana, I can buy you sneakers and mobile phone credits, and remember…anything that girls can do, WE can do better!




9 responses

18 04 2007

Love the body and gosh those sexy eyes!

18 04 2007
Lyka Bergen

Di ko type ang mga payatot. Ching!

18 04 2007

i love payatotot! wow !!!

18 04 2007

gusto ko sya. sure ako, gusto rin nya ako.

18 04 2007

shet manorexia ba ito?

19 04 2007

Hay naku, sana sinakop na lang tayo ng Brazil. Tapos magvovolunteer ako na comfort lady.

19 04 2007

Wow! Hot body! 🙂 Dami ngang gwapo sa Brazil. Hay…

Hopped from Chase’s site.

19 04 2007

Brazil is a haven of delicious males! Yummy! hayyy

19 04 2007

maka maigrate nga sa brazil

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