Empress Maruja is a Spam?

5 04 2007


You put a comment–a decent comment–in a blog, and you realize that it is being subjected to moderation.

You thought that it is okay.  After all, every blogger has the option to moderate comments to make sure they are not spam.

But what if you see that your comment is yet to be published, while other comments after you begin to appear like crazy?

You thought there was some sort of a mistake, so you comment again for a follow-up.

You check again several hours later and see that the comments continue to appear in that blog, but your two comments have yet to see the light of publishing.

Would you get angry?

If you ask me, no.  However, I was frustrated.

I felt discriminated, ignored, belittled, unappreciated.

I took a deep breath in… It’s just another blog.

I know there are other bloggers out there who appreciate this fat ass.

Tsk.  Nasira tuloy ang five-day blog break ko.  Kasalanan “mo” ito.  Hmpf!

UPDATE:  I visited the blog again.  Apparently, since I’m not one of his “friends in the blogosphere” a first-time commenter in that blog, my comment would have to go through hell and water just to get approved.  It passed the test.




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5 04 2007
Padre Salvi

oo nga. nakakaliit naman ng pagkatao nyan. alam kong hindi ka naman siguro naglagay ng pangit doon pero hindi pa niya inaapprove? uhm..

mukhang bumebenta po yata yung mga posts niyo about PNTM at mga pageants ha. heh.

5 04 2007

Naku, bat naman ganun? Like, what an effort, and then they’ll just disparage it. Brrrr.

6 04 2007
Lyka Bergen

Which blog is this ba Lola? Aawayin natin? Ching!

6 04 2007

@ Lyka – Check mo yung update sa post ketch. Maasim pa rin si watashi.

6 04 2007

Haha kaya ako, hindi ako nagco-comment sa mga blogs na indi man lang bumisita sa blog ko. Jahe kaya ang ma-ignore. Nangyari na sakin yan, tipong sipag sipagan ako magpost ng comment sa blog niya tapos after 5 months, hindi pa rin ako nakalagay sa blog list samantalang andami na niya nilagay na iba. Yun ang badtrip.

6 04 2007

Mine is different, I used to comment on a certain blog but recently my comments were always flagged as spams, not sure why. But if I go the long way of informing the blogger, he politely unflag my comments. But I stopped anyway.

6 04 2007
jayvee fernandez

youre so sensitive 🙂 im on vacation and didnt have time to approve comments. it wasnt only yours, so please take a chill pill and cut me some slack.

contrary to belief, im not online 24/7

6 04 2007
6 04 2007

and since Akismet is now widely used, we have no control over spam that gets into this list… unless we actually look at each and everyone, and find those, who unfortunately, were flagged as spam but were actually not…

in my blog alone, i am getting more than 300 to 400 spams a day, and when i don’t check them for 2 or 3 days, they pile up on me… so, those that were not spam were simply left behind… sorry na lang…

ganun talaga e…

6 04 2007

Just experience this thing also Empress! I don’t know if we mean the same blog. Well, who cares? I won’t go back to it either! I’d rather lavish my own site. Anyway, thanks for visiting Empress to my site. I’m new here and I appreciate every one who left a comment. Thanks talaga!

Visit naman kayo mga bloggers !

6 04 2007

Hello Mahal na Emperatriz. Ngayon kilala mo na ako!! Hehe.

6 04 2007
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6 04 2007
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6 04 2007
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7 04 2007

Who is that blogger sistah? I’ll go with Lyka and we will beat the shit out of that fat ass! lol!

7 04 2007

hmmm’ sinong hindi marunong magappreciate na loko yun?! heheheh’

7 04 2007

I don’t sweat stuff like that (as I get older, I require less and less drama in my life and that includes worrying about stuff that isn’t life and death to me), but yeah… I can fully understand why’d you get frustrated. But, based on perusing just a few of your entries, it looks like you have lots of fans. You are loved. 😀

Btw, you should probably update your “My blog is worth $1,693.62” image in your sidebar. I just checked that link… and your blog is actually currently worth “$20,887.98” (that image value is not dynamic variable). But then again, you can’t really put a price on the “quality” of a blog… As long as some people (the people you want to attract to your blog) like your stuff, that’s all that counts… (well, to me, that is). 😀

L8tr days.

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