Random Hot Men: Lucas Gil

4 04 2007


Hanggang ngayon masama pa rin ang loob ketch dahil hindi nag-win ang aking Lucky Boo na si Lucas Gil ng Brazil sa kakatapos lang na Mister World 2007.

Hmpf…deadma.  At least may marami pa photos aketch na nasaylalu sa kanya’t sabay-sabay natin siyang pagmasdan.

Gaya nga ng sabi ko noon, isang ngiti lang niya’y mapapasabi ka ng…







Kay sarap mabuhay…

(All photos courtesy of Miss Brazil official site)




25 responses

4 04 2007

He is SO ADORABLE. I love him!

4 04 2007

God I am always wondering why the most gorgeous men are from Brazil!

5 04 2007

Just popping in to wish you a beautiful day!

5 04 2007

i agree @ chase

6 04 2007
Lyka Bergen


Feel ko rin ang smile nya! Kakainis!

7 04 2007

haaay! ang gwaaaaaaaapo ni mr brazil! magpapakain ako sa buwaya para lang maging mrs. lucas gil!!!

8 04 2007

china shouldn’t have even made it to the competition!!! he looks like that distant cousin you always wanted to disown and avoid in family gatherings, lest you blend into the wall together. pwe!

heartbroken that brazil didn’t win. fine, hot din si spain, pero yeah, he doesn’t make you say “haaaaay” like papi brazil do. haaaaaaaaay!

8 04 2007

ayeng! link tika ha! glad that i found you here :]

8 04 2007

oops sorry! that was supposed to be for another blog. *bonk in the head*

10 04 2007

Tao ba sya??? Hindi ata… Isa syang god na dapat sambahin at “luhuran.” Hahaha! I was juz browsing the web, and I found this blogsite. parang nakakaloka si empress maruja… bet ko ang site na ito… kung gusto nyo ng honest kabaklaan w/o pretentions, dito na kayo!

13 04 2007
Thang Tran

Hot Hot Hot !!^^

18 04 2007
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18 04 2007
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[…] And what better way to start my man hunting but to venture to the land of Ipanema, Carnival, and man-god Lucas Gil. […]

26 04 2007

i want to meet u

6 05 2007


6 05 2007


22 07 2007

he so handsome and very cute.I agree that Brazil is the place of Mr world .I love Lucas Gil very much

22 07 2007

please answer me Lucas .my mail is sportshow3@yahoo.com.I need u .If you don’t meet me,I can die because missing you

29 07 2007

ganda ng smile niya…

8 09 2007
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9 09 2007
9 09 2007

I though it was Michael Berghell, MAS POGI! A Filipino-American who is now in the Philippines. He is modelling, to enroll in DLSU try to see him MAS POGI! http://mikeberghell.blogspot.com/

24 09 2007

he is really hot…
i saw him at a forum in our univ. and he was with his manager from mercator models who also manages Victor Basa and Gionna Cabrera.
he speaks poor english pero ok lang because he is really hot
it’s too bad that the picture I had with him was blurred
nataranta kasi ung kumuha nung pic…

15 12 2007
shu & pree

i ADORE ur smile
makes ur lips look so eatable

13 04 2008

oh my god!!!!
hindi yata xa tao!!
tragis ang gwapo!!!!!!
sana ako na lang yung undies nia!!!
ang swerte naman nung gf nia!!!!
shocks sarap gayumain!!!!!!!

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