The Empress is Nominated, Vote Now!

2 04 2007

I woke up this morning with a surprise message from one of my favorite gay blogs, as announced by Jennifer Lopez.

For the nth time, I got nominated for “Las Tres Estrellas TT Awards” for the month of March.  This is given to the best comment posted in the site.

My nominated comment was posted over at Parlorista vs. Paminta that says, “Ayaw mo rin sa effem dahil takot kang mabisto? Tol, kahit lalake kasama mo, mapagkakamalan ka pa rin dahil nakataas ang kuwelyo mo! Pwe!”

It’s a lash-out to those straight-acting gays who are in-denial and are afraid to go out with girly gays like moi.

I must admit that I have really stiff competition on this one, especially that I was nominated along with four previous winners of the much-coveted TT.

To vote for the Empress, simply post a comment here and put “Empress Maruja” as your first choice among your three fave nominees.  Half of the readers’ choice will be added to half of the Las Tres Estrellas’ (plus Mama O’s) choice to determine the winner.

As one of the Estrellas, Lyka Bergen, would say:  “Pagbigyan niyo naman ang Lolah!”




4 responses

2 04 2007

binoto na kita ha

2 04 2007
Lyka Bergen

Infernalou, mukhang ikaw na ang nangunguna sa poll. Vungga!

2 04 2007

i also voted for you. and that’s NOT a pity vote.

3 04 2007

Congrats, EMPRESS! You’re impressive! Thanks for visiting my site!

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