PNTM No More (for now)

29 03 2007

Since YouTube deleted episode clips of Philippines Next Top Model, I think it’s safe to say that PNTM does not want to be promoted on the Web.

So I’ll just shut up about this ugly show…for now.




5 responses

30 03 2007
Lyka Bergen

Walang kwenta to! Akala nila zikat zila. Hindi! So…nawalan sila ng manonood tuloy.

(Lola Empress…. Read my message sa Century one Guys chu-chu. Paki erase naman ang true name ko. Please!)

30 03 2007
Lyka Bergen

Lola. E-Mail Add mo, Please! Ill write you. Maging real friends tayo. Zige na!

30 03 2007


Zayang di ko kitz ang clips na tets!

Ano vang problems ng Lola Lyka?

30 03 2007

@ Lyka – Bakla, nasa “about” ang e-mail add ketch. Salamat.

11 05 2007
Swit Dionco

Non-sense show!!! wala sa kalingkingan ng kay Tyra!! Hmpf!!!

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