Philippine Idol Updates: Mau Marcelo versus LaKisha Jones on “Diamonds are Forever”

25 03 2007


I knew someone would do this…

When American Idol’s LaKisha Jones chose “Diamonds are Forever” as her song piece for the British Invasion Week, some Pinoy viewers could not help but compare her rendition to that of Philippine Idol Mau Marcelo.

Now videos of Mau’s and LaKisha’s performance on the James Bond theme has been compared and weighed, with mixed results.

Check out the video and judge it for yourself.




4 responses

26 03 2007


26 03 2007
Miko Dela Cruz

labanan ba ito ng taba?

27 03 2007

Needless to say Mau sang it well than Lakisha.
needless to say too that they both seems to be HEALTHY…..

1 04 2007


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