Shameless Plugs: Contemporary Dance Scholarships Up for Grabs!

23 03 2007

Once again, 15 slots of partial to full scholarship is waiting to be awarded to successful applicants.

Dancing Wounded – Contemporary Dance Commune unlocks again this summer “The 2nd Tao Of The Contemporary Dancer”, a launchpad for solo and duo dance. This program brings together in one platform four dance and body disciplines: classical ballet and yoga combined with 2 other paths in dancing – release technique and partnering, all converging into a composition class.

This is open not only to dancers but also to individuals with a strong affinity to movement and dance as well as for those with a significant background in the performing arts.

The faculty is to be lead by Jose Jay B. Cruz, Artistic Director of Dancing Wounded – Contemporary Dance Commune and a pioneering independent and contemporary dancer. Cruz has been performing internationally, awarded a dance residency grant in Dance OMI in New York, and his latest work “Gestures of the Flesh” selected as finalist to the 2007 Yokohama Dance Collection.

Dancing Wounded – Contemporary Dance Commune directs its effort in pursuing a more active and diverse contemporary dance scene in Manila with works centered on expanding the possibilities of dance by collaborating with musicians, singers, actors, poets, instrumentalists, and visual artists. Dancing Wounded believes that the role of interface, interaction, and collaboration will change the landscape of creating art works in general. That in this light, because of expanding possibilities, one has to tune in and be abreast with other disciplines that will greatly affect one’s art. And because of the increasing demand in interaction and collaboration, the biggest problem now lies into mapping strategies, procedures or systems to allow such works to come forward and be born.

Sign up now for the Audition on March 23, 24, 30, 31 at 5PM.

Bring your Resume with photo. prepare for a dance class and a 2 minute dance improvisation

Classes will start on April 12!

Dancing Wounded resides in a space of convergence called DWtopia
Address: Unit 4C Michel apartments, 2030 A. mabini st, malate, manila
Telefax: +632-5256810
Email: dancingwoundedcommune [at] yahoo [dot] com




7 responses

23 03 2007
Padre Salvi

hello po!. bagong salta dito.

hehe. di ako pede dun. dahil di lang puro kaliwa paa ko. wala akong paa sa pagsasayaw

24 03 2007

i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove dancing… dancing is my life! well….ast least 5 yrs ago.. lol

25 03 2007

I’m gonna echo what Chino said up there. I was a terpsichorean extraordinaire slash male cheerleader slash dance instructor way back in high school. My college/life priorities didn’t mesh with that so I turned my back on the craft. But hopefully I’ll get back to it someday, like when I’m retired or something! Hehe. 🙂

25 03 2007
Lyka Bergen

hanggang (dan)Sing lang ako…. ala Regine.

12 04 2007

uhmm, dancing is my gaMe,… maY alam naman akong onti sa ballet,.. i love contemporary,.. and onti sa folk,… grabe,..

12 04 2007

sana makapag-audition ako, kaso ang layo,….. nueva ecija pa ko!!,… weLL,..sana mabigyan ako ng chance,….

12 04 2007

sa kinauukulan,………….

Sana po ay mabigyan nyo ako ng chance na makapag-audition, kaso, malayo po ang place, but,…. sana,…………. heres my email-add,..

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