Philippines Next Top Model: Maximizing Space on Lingerie Photoshoot

23 03 2007

“Ruffa, you are still in the running to become Philippines’ Next Top Dexter Doria.” — a comment over at YouTube.

I must say that the second episode of Philippines Next Top Model (which still has an ugly ugly ugly ugly ooglee website) has some improvement from its tragic premiere. However, there is still a lot of room to make the show better.

The challenge of this photoshoot has to do with utilizing your body in a small amount of space, not to mention that it is a high-fashion lingerie shoot.

Here are the Bangis Photos:

RAINE – I love the pose!  I love the face! Maureen Larrazabal’s sister is definitely stepping up.

ELF – She may not have used her length in this photo, but hey, that pose is fierce.

Here are the Bangas Shots:

WHENG – She looked drunk on this photo.

MIRA – Lazy hands, lazy legs, even her face looked lazy.





7 responses

23 03 2007
Lyka Bergen

Ay sya? Fave ko pa sana ang Wheng sa first photoshoot nila noon. Pangit nga ang kuha nya dito pero mas OK sya compared kay Mira ha. Zayang!

23 03 2007
tim ang

My first visit in yourblog… anyway,
Sayang si wheng..
Pero mas gusto ko si elf.

23 03 2007

view my blogsite to see my PNTM fanart and Elviras photoshoot before PNTM!

24 03 2007
Raymond Lee Quijano

tsk… kung naging babae ako, siguro, siguro lang, isa rin akong artista ngayon ( yang ang banat) ^_^

25 03 2007

kala ko talaga si mira matatanggal, mukha talaga kasi syang laging walang energy 😀

18 12 2007
ray nwamb

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23 04 2008

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