Music Break: “Frailty” by Urbandub

15 03 2007

This month, Music Break features the best Filipino rock bands (according to my imperial opinion).

Cebu’s pride Urbandub releases their latest single “Frailty” from their critically-acclaimed album Embrace.

I love the video.




6 responses

15 03 2007

Wishing you a beautiful day!

15 03 2007
Lyka Bergen

True ka sa video neng! Like ko rin. I never heard of Pancho Esguerra and cinematographer Odyssey. Kukunin ko sila sa next video ko! Ching.

Rockrockan ang drama ha! Kaya lang lang fez vzlue ang banda. Pero OK na. Sha-sha!

15 03 2007

I think they’re a bunch of posers. Just sayin’. ;-p

15 03 2007

di naman siguro talamasca.. ^^

19 03 2007

Urban Dub is probably the ONLY Pinoy rock band I could ever listen to without thinking, ‘Hmm, who is this band trying to ape?…’ They’re totally original. Either that or I’m a clueless music idiot.

22 03 2007
f i l l

frailty, wow.

i love them the first time i saw them perform live on national tv and loved them more after seeing them in a levi’s concert.

did i mention i love them?

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