When I Almost Thought I Have AIDS

14 03 2007

It’s a given, I’m a hypochondriac.  I always think that there is something wrong with my health.  A pain in the abdomen would make me think I am having an appendicitis.  A terrible migraine would make me think that I could have an aneurysm at any moment.  I even thought I have diabetes just because of a mere sight of a single ant in the toilet.

I even thought that I might have HIV.

You see, although I rarely have unprotected sex, there was this one time that I had a one-night stand with some tall junkie equiped with a two-inch stick.  Don’t ask how I ended up with him.

It has been years since that happened, but I have been wondering why he was so aggressive to put his thumb-size wang on me.  Then it came into me:  He probably wanted to infect me with HIV.

Don’t get me started on getting tested.  I’m afraid that it might turn out positive (and all hell would break loose), so I rely on the physical symptoms.  Whenever I see a white “spot” on my lip, I try to wipe it off hoping that it is just a case of chapped lips.

The one day, I took off my shirt as I was about to take a bath and I noticed a red patch on my skin.  Was it skin cancer?  Uh-oh, if it’s skin cancer, then it’s a physical symptom for HIV.

I tried to shrug it off, but the next day the red patch quickly spread to other parts of the body, most of which are on both my sides.  I tried self-analyzing the situation, and realized that I probably got these skin patches from the blanket that I was using for Pilates (which was once used by our pups).

Turns out that I have a bad case of ringworm.



3 responses

16 03 2007

OMGoshhhhh!!! Pareho tayo bakla. Praning ako when it comes to health issues!

16 03 2007
Bryan Anthony the First

sabi mo nga hypocon…allerginic…chuba

pero tsika lang yan

wala ka pa aids noh

feel ko lang

4 04 2007

i understand your situation.

i am aso suffering from that kind of feeling.

i am paranoid when it comes to that issue… i feel stressed and get sick whenever i read or see an update about aids.

one thing i am afraid of getting tested for i might feel depress if i will be diagnosed positive of it.

but always think positive.

don’t worry you’re not alone

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