Blog Cleaning

11 03 2007

I’m in the process of removing some links in my blogroll.

Basically, I added some sites because they commented in one or more entries, but then I realized that if I link them in my blogroll without even linking me in theirs…that would be quite unfair, right?

So yeah, enough of being too nice.  If you want your blog to be included in this regal blogroll, you better link me back.

And if you have a link to my site, but I forgot to link back to yours, remind me as you leave your comment here. 

I’m also removing some inactive blogs.  Like, I’ve been waiting for Yuri to update his blog by the time he goes home to Manila, and that was…what, three months ago?

Aside from purging my blogroll, I’d also painstakingly categorize the posts that I have imported from my old blog.  That also means that I would have to change the font face and the color, too.  You see, I used to write in dirty white Arial fonts.

So excuse me as I clean my blog, all while thinking of what to make up from the nightout I had with my fubu.




6 responses

11 03 2007

ang taray ng emperatris!!!

11 03 2007

You’re right at some point. Check this out and let me know your opinion:

11 03 2007
Bryan Anthony the First

ipag-aalam po namin sa buong impyerno ay imperyo!


11 03 2007

kala ko tinanggal ako sa blogroll. buti naman. hehehe

11 03 2007

good idea. honestly i didn’t think linking too many sites’d do mine some harm. ang hassle lang magbutingting ng blog.

12 03 2007

tarush! you go, girl! blog-cleaning can really pe painstaking…;)

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