Why I Don’t Like Pinoy Top Blogs

27 02 2007

I was supposed to title this as “Why I HATE Pinoy Top Blogs,” but realized that “hate” is too much.

There are a few things I didn’t like about Pinoy Top Blogs, one of the largest blog ranking sites for Filipino bloggers.

And I would like to enumerate them one by one.

1) I could not believe that until now, my site in WordPress is still unapproved since I registered it in January 2007. And since I couldn’t do anything to fix it, this leads me to my second rant.

2) It has a sucky help system. In fact, it doesn’t even have a help system. You wouldn’t be an idiot and post a comment on the founder’s blog just because you can’t find anything in Pinoy Top Blogs–his OWN website–where you would file a query as to why your blog is still suspended even after you put the tracker. But guess what? I did!

And since he didn’t even bother to respond, I opted to join other ranking sites, with overwhelming results.

As of now, my blog is ranked 42 in Pinoy Top 100

It’s number 39 among personal sites in Blog Top Sites

And the current leading blog in Top Pinoy Blogs.

Take that, Abe Olandres! Ha!




8 responses

27 02 2007


Baka napapunta sa spam email mo kay Abe. 🙂

I can only smile (well, close to giggle) as I was reading this, you vividly put your expressions into words–I could almost imagine you talking albeit no face.

Go empressmaruja!

27 02 2007

@ Jim – Nah, it’s posted. I checked it days after and it was still there. Ignored. Sigh, what do I care anyway? My blog can do good without it.

27 02 2007

That’s why hindi pa ako nagreregister diyan…..

Mahirap talaga eh….lolz.

27 02 2007

didn’t know such a site exists. u must be one helluva blog pimp to get there.

28 02 2007

Wow~ congratz po [:

28 02 2007

Sorry I wasn’t able to respond to your email. Must have been buried.

As a note, I stopped approving new blogs on the list because the dedicated server can no take the load.

Eventually, I’ve close Pinoy Top Blogs because it’s such an expensive project: http://www.yugatech.com/blog/?p=1604

I’ve also sent out newsletters to everyone registered about these updates but I guess they didn’t reach you as well.

28 02 2007
Miko Dela Cruz

Ayan mayroon naman palang paliwanag si Abe eh.

Ang tanong na lang ay paniniwalaan mo ba?

Keep blogging, na entertain ako sa blog entries mo!


28 02 2007

@ Abe – Thanks for commenting. It just to show that 1) you don’t read the comments from your own blog, 2) that I have to post this complaint just to get you, and 3) that you have to close Pinoy Top Blogs a day after I posted this (because I checked PTB while writing the entry and it was still very much alive, unlike your claim in your blog that you closed it 3 weeks ago). Thanks again.

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