Confession of the Struggling Dieteer

15 02 2007

I’m still struggling about my weight, especially when certain officemates would marvel at the sight of my waist poking out of my medium-sized shirt.

And while I’m having a hard time looking for the right dance class, I decided to take on a diet.

I tried different paths to that ultimate thinness.  I first tried the Five-Factor Diet, where I am supposed to eat a meal every three to four hours.  This is supposed to keep the metabolism going and eventually would burn fat.

I would leave my workstation at ungodly hours like 4 a.m. or go to the kitchen at 1 p.m. to take a meal.  I would take snacks or meals, depending on how my stomach felt, and realized days later that I gained 3 pounds in 3 days.

Obviously it didn’t work.

I then tried the green tea diet.  I opted not to drink sodas and bought bottles upon bottles of green tea instead and consumed it like tap water.  It kinda worked, but I only have one problem:  I tend to end up leaving my workstation every 15 minutes and take a bathroom break.

I’m still into the green tea diet, but I needed something that would accelerate the slimming process.  So I followed one advice I saw on the Net:  Eating one cracker every hour.  The diet claims that you can lose as much as 3 kilos in two weeks, but my stomach would cramp like crazy.  My tummy seemed to be starving all the time.

And what would you do if you feel starving?  You eat, of course.  Lots.

I know, you would tell me to consume more veggies.  You see, salads are expensive, the cafeteria serves nothing but pork, and eating too much greens causes stomach gas.  You don’t want me to become a fart machine and contribute to global warming.

I think I would have to try any means to be the stick-figure that I was back when I was a child, well maybe except for not eating or puking what I ate.  That’s just ugly.




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15 02 2007
Lyka Bergen

Mag TrimSpa ka kaya Ate? Para Anna Nicole ang drama. Ching!

15 02 2007

what i always do is i cut down alot on drinks and pasta/rice-those starchy and sugar-rich food, basically i don’t eat much. You’ll starve but drink plenty water/green tea and eat fruits-just take a bite or two whenever u cant stand the hunger. However at the 3rd day of dieting ur body would like go into emergency mood cuz it noes ur starving, then you’ll juz keep on eating and gain everything back(you shouldnt be able to stop it unless ur very determined..), so on the third day eat abit more than when ur’re dieting and do that for a couple days before returning to the diet. Keep it up and you wont feel hungry easily, but it’s not very healthy tho so bulk up on vitamins. oo i sound like i’m so into dieting.. no i’m not.

15 02 2007

Liposuction is the way to go!!!111exclamation

Mag TrimSpa ka kaya Ate? Para Anna Nicole ang drama. Ching!

That cracked me up! LOL.

15 02 2007

@ Lyka Bergen – Ate, wala pang Trimspa ditech sa Pinas, pero alam mo, madali lang magpadala dito. Chos!

@ akaiyubi – Thanks for the advice. I appreciate it!

@ Talamasca – I’d probably choose liposuction if I am a freeloading local celebrity…lol!

16 02 2007

you know what, just before I met up with my bf’s ex, I went on a no-rice diet for 2 weeks.

It payed off.

Pero kailangan sabayan mo ng situps.


18 02 2007

hay tiya..
same dilemma tayo..
gusto ko na ring pumayat..
not actually pumayat pero mabawasan ang laki ng tiyan ko..!!
ok lang kung buntis ako eh, pero wala pa sa mga plano ko yun..
i’m on my 10 days with Fitrum..
sana it will work..

19 02 2007

buti na nga yung fatness ang problem. yung iba jan kapayatan ang problem. it’s easier to lose than to gain weight. kelan kaya magkakaron ng sympathizers mga malnoris-looking people? Ü

18 04 2007

Most people are concerned about thier weight. I lost 3kg a month by not eating after 6pm daily. It’s work on me. I think is the lesses fats being built up when I was sleeping. But, the harder parts is you have to be serious on this weight loss plan. Because, foods temptation is the main cause to give up yourself.

4 05 2007

Huhuh? I am the last one to put my comment..How could I be feautured? 😦 I should bribe you Empress with three latin boys! lol!

Have a wonderful weekend!

26 07 2007

Just a random comment. DO NOT BUY C2 or other green tea brands. If you look at the nutrition labels, THEY HAVE THE SAME AMOUNT OF SUGAR AS JUICE OR SOFTDRINKS! True slimming tea is called “te pia” (in Hokkien) or “Bing Cha” in Mandarin. Look for it sa Chinatown.

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