Philippine Idol Updates: Jan, Reymond, Mau, and more Gian

13 02 2007

(Warning: Video Overload)

This has been a little bit overdue, but I’ve compiled the latest of what some of our Philippine Idol finalists have been doing.

Philippine Idol runner-up Jan Nieto appears for the first time after Idol on ABS-CBN’s variety show ASAP.

He appears “bigger” than the last time we saw him, and it’s still being debated in the Internet forums whether or not guesting on ASAP (rather than rival show SOP) would benefit his career. I personally think that Jan needs to prove himself first as a great singer before even being considered a variety show frontrunner.

Video courtesy of Pinoy Rickey.

Idol finalist Reymond Sajor is cast as Christian in the upcoming Trumpets musical “The Little Mermaid.” Here’s an excerpt performed during an outreach program last week. (Reminder: the video is a little shaky, but the song is just great.)

Video link provided by Oliver Oliveros.

Philippine Idol Mau Marcelo’s debut single has been generating frequent airplay in mainstream radio stations. In fact, her CD Lite has reached #14 among top OPM albums in Odyssey Record Bars for the month of January and is expected to rise further in the coming months. She also appeared for the third time on Shall We Dance, this time performing the dance version of “On My Own.”

Here’s the video of one of the tracks in her album, “Minsan Lang Kitang Iibigin” (I Will Love You Only Once).

Among all Idol finalists, including Mau, it appears that Jan’s fellow runner-up Gian Magdangal has been getting a lot of exposure from GMA Network, although it is sad to note that his contract prohibits him from mentioning “Philippine Idol” (being a program from a rival network). Here’s one of his most recent performances in the variety show SOP, singing “Come Together” by The Beatles together with The Bloomfields.

Video courtesy of Pinoy Rickey.

Don’t forget to catch the Final 12’s upcoming concert on March 23.




6 responses

14 02 2007
Bryan Anthony the First

i dont get any other pinoy channel other than TFC
im clueless on these things
appreciate the updates


14 02 2007

Gian was my fave…. you know what.. good that the other channels are also taking interest in them.. I thought they’d be overly patriarchal about it..

15 02 2007

salamat… may nabasa rin akong post na puro english….

15 02 2007

@ Bryan Anthony the First – You’re welcome!

@ chino – Gian was ok, but his inconsistent performances during the competition made him lose some support. But I’m glad he’s having a bright future ahead of his career.

@ kirk – haha! I have several English posts (especially back in January). Masyado lang siguro akong ginanahang mag-vernacular.

9 03 2007
maricel bertudez

Jan Nieto has improved a million lot. I watched him perform in ASAP last Sunday and even if it was a bit short, he seemed to have held his ground and sang it really well.

Love you Jan! Hope you get more exposure in ASAP in the coming days…..

22 03 2007
ernie gatdula

Jan showed a more conifident singer in the ASAP show. No wonder he is being taken in by the bigger networks.

All the best to JAN NIETO

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