Hell Rides

13 02 2007

My ride to work yesterday was one unbelievable and exciting (read:  suspenseful, scary) experience.

I took a Tamaraw FX ride (like the one pictured on the left) from my village to the railway station where I supposed to take another FX ride to my office.

Once inside, I sensed something different.

I sat on the middle part of the vehicle where a man wearing a blue jacket is sleeping beside me.  I looked back and I saw another man wearing a white jacket sitting all by his lonesome.

Judging where the two men were sitting, it seemed to me it was a set-up for an impending robbery.

The FX stopped a few meters away from where I took the ride to let in a female passenger.  With quick thinking, I had to leave the FX (without paying) as I let the woman in the vehicle.  The FX just stopped there waiting for me to take the ride again (or probably checking out whether I’d pull out my cell phone and call the cops).  It took the “robber-infested” FX about a minute to leave.

(Sorry I didn’t tell the woman about the “robbers.”)

I took a taxi ride instead that would take me straight to the office building.  The ride was a bit faster than what I was accustomed to, but with minutes left before work would start I had to get there quick.

A few minutes into the ride, the driver started to come up with a conversation (which they usually do to passengers so they wouldn’t notice that they are being cheated on their meter fare), but his small talk started a little on the heavy side.  He narrated to me that he was separated two weeks ago from his wife of 16 years.  She left the house to hide from people she loaned money from.

I felt like I was forced to hear this drama, but I was pretending to listen to him without feeling sympathetic.  Boy he lamented about everything:  on how his wife left and went to another man, on how he took different odd jobs to support his family, on how his wife took their granddaughter away and brought it to their son’s in-laws.  He also mentioned something about giving nightly sex to his wife, but obviously my mind was fleeting and wishing for me to get out of there quick.

I tried stopping the cab driver from talking about his own family drama by commanding him where to turn, but he just wouldn’t stop confiding to the helpless me.  He even planned on going to his son’s in-laws to get his granddaughter, and even threathened that if they wouldn’t turn the baby over he would kill them.  I laughed a little and told him that everything can be solved through non-violent means.  He didn’t buy it.

I thought the old cab driver was a few knocks on the head away from losing his sanity.  You could just imagine how often I mouthed “let me outta here” while inside the cab.

And just when I thought things wouldn’t be worse than that, I smelled carbon monoxide coming out of his air conditioning.  Gosh, this cab is trying to poison me, both on my lungs and my head! I turned the A/C away from me as I opened the window for a few inches to let the air in.

Thank God the torture was all over in 45 minutes, and I got to work on time.




5 responses

13 02 2007

hi, im not trying to be the know-it-all person, but carbon monoxide is odorless, you sure it was CO? it must be something else.

13 02 2007

@ cliogoddess – Well it smelled like exhaust gas, and it’s enough for me to freak out.

14 02 2007
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15 02 2007

Carbon monoxide is odorless and colorles…. Malfunctioning appliances can cause a production in CO as long as incomplete combustion of combustibles takes place …

15 02 2007

Oh dear, buti nalang ang annoyances ko in public transport is the same radio station and Bad air conditioning palang ako.

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